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AR2 woofer rattle

Dr. Brown's AR2s

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I have a woofer rattle in one of my mid-60's AR2s.  I've pulled the woofer from the cabinet to make sure it's not something in the cabinet and I still get a rattle.  I've inspected the woofer basket, surrounds and the spider and it all looks good...nothing loose, no tears, no much deterioration that I can see.  Do I need to cut the dust cap and peel it back some to inspect the voice coil?  Any other suggestions?  Thanks!

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Check to make sure that the masonite ring the spider is attached to hasn't loosened from the basket.

I have experienced this on more than one original die cast 10" AR woofer.

If yours needs to be repaired, be sure the voice coil is centered.....

I re-adhered them with slow set epoxy.


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I had the same rattling issue with my AR-2ax's several years ago.  As it turns out it was the spider coming loose from the basket.

Roy's picture show the same thing I found with mine.   Here's a picture of what mine looked like.



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