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AR 18B speakers for sale


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A pair of refoamed AR 18b speakers. Cabinets and grills are original and in very good condition. Don't let the size of these speakers fool you. They sound amazing. I enjoyed in my living room for 9 years and continue to amaze me. Because of a new flatscreen TV and entertainment center they were recently displaced and i have no where else to set them up. That is the only reason I am selling as they are wonderful little speakers. I can confidently say i don't believe there are any other speakers of this size that put out a better sound than these little jewels. Made in Mass by AR in the early 1980's when they still put out a quality product



50247560_10213282321637119_19472814784380928_o (1).jpg



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On 2/2/2020 at 8:43 AM, tuskman79 said:

Sorry, forgot price:  $130.00 OBO and would be willing to ship! thanks


Still available?

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DARN!! did you ever sell these??

I forgot about yours until scrolling around in here today

 I have two sets of AR18B's now... Just got the second set off eBay... they are due in Thursday and they are not as nice as yours either... grrrr  My bad!

One thing you are right about... they are wonderful speakers.

I also have a set of AR 18S and they are perhaps only slightly better than the "B"s but not enough to worry about.  They are indeed worth experiencing and spending time with.

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