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L910's are arriving tomorrow morning!


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I am like a kid on Christmas morning. The seller gave a deal I couldn't refuse, because I live close enough that he will deliver them to me rather than ship them. They have the original stands, as well! He says he did a lot of work refurbishing the cabinets as well. A seriously very generous guy! 

I already have a pair of L810's I've been using as near-field monitors on this desktop, so I kind of know how the 910's will sound, though of course I'll try them out without the sub in the mix, as I use one for the 810's. Soooo excited! I'll post a pic of the 910's after getting them setup. 


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The 910's, (no "L") do not need a sub! My neighbor told me his dishes were vibrating in the cabinets!

He thought it was my son cranking the tunes, ummm, no that was me, sorry! 

They like lots of power, the more they are fed, the better they sound. I'm driving mine with my JVC M-7050 Power amp, specked @150 wpc, which put out 210 wpc on my techs bench.

Are these early, or later versions? Early have veneered backs, later, black paint.

Congrats on an outstanding set of speakers! Be prepared to be blown away!

Cheers, Glenn

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