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  1. These are the veneered backed ones. I'll be driving them with one or two Adcom 555's. Should be plenty of power. Right now, I'm still waiting on a strong back to help me get them set up. hehe. No one told me they were so heavy!
  2. I am like a kid on Christmas morning. The seller gave a deal I couldn't refuse, because I live close enough that he will deliver them to me rather than ship them. They have the original stands, as well! He says he did a lot of work refurbishing the cabinets as well. A seriously very generous guy! I already have a pair of L810's I've been using as near-field monitors on this desktop, so I kind of know how the 910's will sound, though of course I'll try them out without the sub in the mix, as I use one for the 810's. Soooo excited! I'll post a pic of the 910's after getting them setup.
  3. I have new mids and tweeters via Mr. So, and now I don't dare take off the grills. L810's.
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