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AR speakers / drivers for sale


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I bought a couple of pairs of AR speakers recently and am not really into vintage equipment.  One pair has mismatched mid woofers and tweeters in an unknown cabinet with a nice but not stock X-over. I am thinking it would be better to just sell them or if somebody needs them for parts than that might work.  I have played them and they all work.  The speakers are using a 9 series mid/woofer ( new surround and dust cap) with a Model 15 tweeter.   i dont want to give them away but am not trying to get rich either.   Let me know what you think.


no grill.jpg


mid woofer.jpg

X over.jpg


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1 hour ago, jothompson said:

Looks like i am disrupting the etiquette of the site...

Not at all..... Clearly, you've got some unique one-off speakers here that use authentic AR parts, so your original post is appropriately placed in this section of the forum. Kent's suggestion was merely meant to allow you to keep pricing negotiations private between seller and potential buyer.  

I recall seeing this thread several weeks ago but can no longer locate the comments I initially posted. FWIW, I really like these speakers and am very curious about their performance. They are beautifully constructed and purposefully conceived, using good quality parts, and they almost remind me of an AR-15 in an AR-4x cabinet. Not my business whatsoever, but unless this experiment was a sonic failure, it's disappointing when potentially skillful efforts like this get picked apart. This project looks to me like it might be an excellent hybrid adaptation, and with a little more patience, perhaps an enthusiastic buyer will come along and take them whole.     

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Sorry for misleading you. Ra.ra is right. Your ad is absolutely appropriate. I was just saying the negotiations could be private. 

And FWIW, I agree with ra.ra's comments on those speakers. Nice.


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Thank you all for your care and guidance.  I have a hard time maneuvering in this site and stepped on myself, sorry.  i agree with all said.  I think I have two sets of gems that I think would be better appreciated by someone else, the AR7 pair and the  Frankenstein pair featured in my ad .  I just think that they would be appreciated by somebody else who gets true vintage. 

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