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ar38s woofer


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Hi AL, the correct AR38s woofers are with number on the basket: 200040-0 are given for 8 ohms (I measured about 7 my 200040 woofers with values between 6,1 and 6,7 ohms on my instrument) and are used on many AR speakers: AR38s, AR48s, AR48b and others, so they are easy to find, be careful that the foam must originally be under the paper cone.
The 200033 woofers are 4 ohm (the magnet is also different: round and not square, heavier) and are certainly AR92 and other AR speakers, I have now measured a pair in my possession and have a resistance of 3.5 ohms both .
You will surely get other answers and suggestions, but I think that for a temporary listening (waiting to find a pair of correct woofers) the 200033 currently on your AR38s are also fine.
I am attaching a photo in which of the AR92s that should have the 200033 woofer, all have 200040 8 ohm woofers (the 3 woofers you see are of the same type 200040, even if the woofer color of the upper AR92 is darker than those below ), later a couple will receive the original woofers (I have to refoaming the original woofers), the other pair will stay with the 8 ohm woofers and we will see the difference between the two pairs!

Then below I am attaching the photos of the pair of 200033 woofers, the back of the 200040 woofers, the same in the front view of my AR48s, the ones that are now in the lower pair of AR92 !!


92 1.jpg

92 2.jpg



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The 200040, 10" woofer used in the 38s, 48s, 48b, 30, 48bx & 48bxi has a voice coil DC resistance rating of 6.5 ohms +/- 10%.  The 200004, 10" woofer used in the 2ax (later version), 8 (ADD version),12 & 14 has the same 6.5 ohm resistance, so I think that this would be a better match for the 200040 then the 200033. 

In addition to checking eBay & other sources for the woofers by the 200040 and 200004 driver numbers, I would suggest that you also search by the speaker model number.  Many times when speakers are parted out, the listing will only state the speaker model number and not include the driver number.

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