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    Bozak ls 250a

    Hi I'm curious on bozak.I 've found on ebay ls 250 a https://www.ebay.it/itm/BOZAK-LS-250A-TOWER-STEREO-DIFFUSORI-PAVIMENTO-OCCASIONE-3-VIE-250-A-US-MADE-JBL/123726422206?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140423084956%26meid%3D2d219237c8d0473693be8076086013c2%26pid%3D100033%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D123726422206%26itm%3D123726422206%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2045573&_trksid=p2045573.c100033.m2042 are all the components orginals?I can't find much on this speakers thanks
  2. hi thanks unfortunetely the woofer on my speakers are not 200033 just cheap woofers, I Was asking because i find a pair of 200033 at a good price but since they are not 8 ohm I'm going to reasearch again thanks
  3. Hi i have a pair of ar 38s unfortunately with not original woofers.What are the original part?Are 20033-0 good for replace?thanks
  4. Thank for the answer i though too the problem couldn't be the cap.I'll check the speaker thanks
  5. Hi One of my ar7x has the bass very attenuated is it possible that the caps are gone or teh caps control only the tweeter?What happened?I have tried with an other pair of speakers and i have inveterd the channel it's not the amplifier thanks
  6. hi so everything is right in its place.As I thsought the wire were short so i had to ad some wire.There was enough clereance for the tweeter magnet but of course I had to trim some wood for the connections.Took me one hour to do all.The new tweeter is a little higher frequency but since the ar has the switch behind i had to put the new one in the standard gain position and the old one in higher position.The difference was really thin,and i think a part of this is the fact that i know the tweeters are different,pretty sure in a blind listening won't hear differences.Thanks to all,unfortunately
  7. Sorry Guys I haven't abandon the project the seller just sent a video of the speaker with original tweeter,I will show the results as soon as I do it
  8. Thanks I will disconnect the wire from behind and put females plugs.Let's hope the wire is long enough I would prefer not to make to much connection
  9. thanks again.Yeah I would love to have a pair but for now I only found one.I've already though about it iIwill fix one speaker than in the future I will buy the match tweeter or maybe who knows i will find two original front wired tweeters thanks.Since we are here.How did you do the front to back wire?Did you pull the woofer out and rewired everything or you removed the front wood wedge where the connectors of the old wiring are?
  10. Hi thanks the problem with the ar7(not the same pair of my last discussion)unfortunately needs to be rewired.Anyway if you tell me that the sound won't be compromise I will buy it as soon as the seller provide me with proof that works.About the fitting my brother is quite handy so I don't think is going to be a problem.Of course I will fit it with back wiring.Do you know what is the difference in size?
  11. Hi I hope you can help me.I have one tweeter on my ar7(frontal wiring) gone.The redoing the coil it's very expensive.I have found a tweeter for ar 8s part numer 200038.Since it's almost impossbile to find the original do you thing this could do the job?thanks
  12. thanks.yes I'll try to find a good bargain.I live in italy so postage from usa costs more or less 30 dollars.I'm waiting for a good deal.I think 200034-0 is good too.Damn AR why all this codes :-)!!!
  13. thanks I think too are the same just want to be sure to buy the right one.I'm not in a rush to fix the speaker.You right they look more or less the same some as a small magnet but if you see in the price list they say that 17 18 7x has the same component.But no mention of the 17s 18s series.I hope some one can explain if the s series are different for the non s series or just the same.Is it possible that the S series ar the one with S tweeter? :-) Could be as simple as that :-)
  14. Hi unfortunaltely a tweeter of my ar 7x is gone.the part number is 2000014-3.Unfortunaltely on ebay I can't find one.But there are pleanty of similar tweeter,back wired like mine the dome in mine is kindy pointy the one on ebay are sferic and the wires on the front in mine are straight the one on ebay are "s-shaped".can you please help me.
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