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Amplifier recomendation for AR92...


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I have the opportunity to buy a pair of AR92s for 260$

I've read that they can be very demanding on amplifiers.

I own a pair of AR30Bs (connoisseur series) and a pair of AR44BXs.

In my study I'm using a Sansui AU-D55X (2 X 70 W @ ohm) with 30Bs and a British made Mission Cyrus One with 44BXs in my living room.

On paper, Cyrus One has much lesser specs (among other stuff it is only rated at 25W per channel), but it really wipes the floor with Sansui in real life.

With Cyrus I can play the 44BXs (3way, 10inch bass driver - similar in this aspect to 92s) as loud I as want for hours, without any trace of clipping or distortion...

If you are familiar with little amp, what do you think, can it be a good partner to those 92s.

Other option is to buy an old Sansui AU-919 which is a totally different beast than that sissy D55X... It became available exactly the same day as 92s, it is supposed to be in mint condition and I can have it for 390$

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390 bux should buy an Adcom 555II, which will drive the 92s beautifully, making you forget all about Sansui and the little Mission Cyrus. Check eBay for an inexpensive Adcom tuner/preamp, or the Adcom SLC-1 "passive" preamp.

I've never heard Adcom sound any less than great with AR speakers...it's an excellent match, and most folks here swear by their reliability.

By the way, $260 seems a little high for the AR-92, especially if it needs refoaming.

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I agree! Adcom amps are wonderful for vintage AR speakers. The new Adcom amps (4 digit model numbers) such as the GFA-5300, 5400, and the replacement for the GFA-555II, the GFA-5500 sound even better. They use class A mosfet design, which sounds warmer, and more natural than anything else in its price range!!

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