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What model number are these speakers?


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I just bought a Marantz 1250 integrated and was given a pair of AR7s and a different pair of AR speakers I cannot identify.    i don't know too much about the AR line and have spent a lot of time looking on the net for a similar pair but I haven't spotted them yet.  The cabinet looks vintage but the drivers and binding post look modern.  10.5 W X 19T X 9D Any help?

AR III.jpg

AR back.jpg

Front frill.jpg


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Welcome to CSP

My guess is old cabinets with new drivers. Can you post photos of the backs and tell us the dimensions?

Marantz 1250 & AR 7. Nice!

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Those are really beautiful speakers. It looks to me like someone installed AR-15 drivers (w/mirror-imaging) into a pair of non-AR cabinets, and the cabinets appear to be nearly the dimensions of an AR-4x and with a dark-stained oak? Also, grossly oversized dust caps installed during re-foam of woofer, but they don't look bad at all. 


AR-15 pic.jpg

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This thread contains a great pic of a re-capped AR-15 crossover and also discusses some 8-inch AR woofers, but I don't see the 027 woofer mentioned. Looks like your cabinets have been completely skinned with a layer of 1/4" hardwood.


And welcome to the forum.

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Well, ra.ra solved the mystery.

Those do look nice and I wouldn't be too concerned about the huge dust caps. Years ago many of us used refoam kits from M-Sound (sadly no longer in business) and he recommended big dust caps on woofers. It adds some stiffening. Of course the proof will be in listening but they seem good.

What do those logo plates on the grilles say?

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A little search shows the woofer was used in the 9 series (9, 90, 94, . . . ). ra. ra identified the tweets as being from the 15. 

I could be wrong but I doubt it's a problem using woofers from the 9 series (1978-1981) in an ADD series (1975-1978) speaker. I'd check the crossover and make sure it isn't some generic Parts Express 2-way.

I'd suggest doing an A/B comparison with the 7s (assuming they are in good shape with updated caps and good woofer surrounds) and see how the "Frankenspeakers" sound.

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The tweeter should be part no. 200024, which was used in at least three two-way models: AR-15 and AR-16 with 8-inch woofer; and AR-14 with 10-inch woofer. In every case where this tweeter is used, the crossover is a more complex circuit than is typically found in a two-way speaker model. Since you already have the woofer pulled, can you provide pics of crossover innards?

JKent correctly identified the 027 driver - - it was used as the lower midrange in the AR-9- and AR-9, and possibly elsewhere. DCR for this driver should measure between 4.5 and 5.5 ohms, and it seems to share several characteristics with the 8-inch 037 woofer, so I would think these might be truly fine 8-inch speakers. Can you also offer the cabinet dimensions?

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20 hours ago, jothompson said:

The logos are AR.

Are those AR-7 badges?

1 hour ago, jothompson said:

dimensions are:  10.5 W X 19T X 9D

Yep, nearly identical to AR-4x cabinet.

12 hours ago, jothompson said:

Here is the cross over.

Nice quality components and fine workmanship. It appears very different from the AR-15 crossover, but it looks like someone knew what they were doing.

And have you auditioned the AR-7's yet?

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