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AR Inc. Cabinet finishes and grille cloths


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Jeff beautiful brochure, looking at it I have to ask if the fabric in the upper right corner of the 2nd photo is an original addition (with hand lettering!).
The second question concerns the color Teak, here it appears dark, very similar to walnut, in all European-type cabinets) of AR2ax, AR4xa, AR5, AR6, AR7 and AR3a, teak is very clear, very similar to birch and veins are denser.
I am attaching photos of one of my teak-coated AR6 pair (these went to the USA 2 years ago, sold because I keep the pair of early oiled valnut AR6)

AR6 teak.jpg

AR6 teaka.jpg

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Hello Giorgio,

You had a beautiful pair of 6's in teak veneer.

I've yet to see an AR speaker in teak, cherry, or korina veneers.

Teak veneer that I have seen appears to be lighter than walnut, while the sample in the brochure appears to be as dark, and warmer, than the walnut samples.

I'm not entirely happy with the quality of the picture I uploaded and I'll likely replace it soon, however the relationship of the colors to each other appears correct.

My guess is that the fabric is an original addition, and that either somebody thought it would be an easy way to use up on-hand stock before issuing an updated version of the brochure, or possibly swatches of fabric were sent to the dealers to add to existing brochures.


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Hi Jeff, the teak option, especially on European furniture, I don't like it, personally I am fascinated by American walnut or pine.
To complete the description of the grille cloths, I enclose a photo: the first cloth is from AR2 around 1959, the second from AR2a from 1962, the third from AR2a, an unidentified year (it was on a 1964 Heathkit AS-2a, but not the his original grille!), in all the photos are in the order written above (except for the details of 2 nearby grilles).

It seems that the fabric of the AR2 is the same from the AS-2a (Heathkit), probably classified "other finishes" for AR2 and also the certain AR2a of 1962 is the one classified "other finishes" for AR2a on your brochure.






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It looks like you have two of the four variants of the AR-2 series grille cloth, and I agree that the AR-2 and AS-2 cloths appear to have the white thread as shown in 'other finishes'.

Did the sample in the center (AR-2a from 1962) come off of a mahogany unit?


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Hi Jeff, the '63 AR2s (I had written '62, but reviewing the photos and previous posts, I badly remembered the assembly year! I apologize for this) were originally unfinished, then veneered in wood unknown to me about 3 mm. thick, you can see them here and also in my other interventions:

That time I hoped someone could understand the type of wood used, but so far this remains an unsolved enigma.


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I don't think the AR2a cloth is available, the hope is that someone here has surplus fabric, it seems to me that you had already asked for it.
Alternatively the original AR2ax grilles are also fine and are often sold at various prices - 20 to 60/70 $ I saw on average sold on ebay, if you have patience you will find a pair of AR2ax grilles at an honest price.
My pair of Heathkit AS-2a (clone of the AR2a) have grilles of the AR2ax, I am attaching photos of my AS-2a speaker with the AR2ax grille, as you can see the visual result is excellent and the frame sizes are the same for AR2a and AR2ax (also Heathkit in this case)


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