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  1. Hello jeff , thank you for the information ! i think is not easy to find a woofers for allison 4 , i live in france and the allison 4 are very rare . I'have a allison five speakers with naim system and i' like this speakers great sound ! What is the more musical the model four and the model five ? In france is easy to find model lc110 lc120 , the woofer of this model is suitable ?
  2. This is a woofer Allison ?
  3. this is a picture of the woofer , i think is not good version
  4. Bonjour, j'ai trouvé des enceintes alisson 4, les woofers ne sont pas d'origine, Le woofer du modèle 5 ou 6 ,lc110, lc120 convient au modèle 4 ?
  5. Hello ! I search two cabinet for Ar2a i have a small problem i live in France and is not possible to find this parts in France best regard Florian
  6. Bonjour ! Excellent document, est-il possible de retrouver le tissu d'origine d'AR2a? (Je restaure une paire d'AR2a très endommagé)
  7. Hello ! I live in France this is possible to send ? Best regard Florian
  8. Hello ! For the restauration of my Ar2a i search 2 original grill with the original cloth . My budget is 100 USD . Best regard Florian
  9. Hello i'm Florian, i live in France ( sorry for my bad english )and i like the ar speakers classic .i have a pair of lst and ar3 ans a small pair of ar7 . recently i have find a pair of ar2a ,the cabinets are very bad conditions and need a new veener .the woofer are restored . and two midrange and tweeter are perfect condition.i have retaured the crossover ans the pots . I search two original grill with original cloth for this pair of ar2a ans is not easy . i like this cloth speaker .this is possible to help me to find the original grill ? I send a photo after my hollyday in spain . Best regard Florian .
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