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Looking for a pair of AR S-1 stands for AR10Pi


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Hi all

I'm Pascal, from France. Looking for a pair of AR S-1 stands for a pair of AR10Pi. Or the  backwards tilted metal version of the S-1.
If anyone has any idea where I can find a second hand pair, I'd be grateful for the help.

Requires international shipment to the French riviera region in France but that's not a big issue.

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If you can't find an original pair, you may want to consider having a small steel fabricator make a set for you.   Below are a couple of pdf's of sketches that I prepared for the fabricator based on the original frames.  In the picture below the stand in the middle is original and the ones on the right and left are custom made.  I paid the fab shop $125 US to make the pair about 5 years ago, which isn't too bad considering I paid $40/pair for the originals back in 1979. 

AR-11 Stands Dimensions.pdf

AR-11 Stands Isometric.pdf


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Thanks a lot AR55 for the kind answer

I did find finally someone in France this summer who is about to make a pair for me with 40mm square metal tubes. We took the option of a slightly backwards bended stand. The design of which is attached (with a variant), dimensions in mm. The stand will be filled with sand from the upper two back tubes.
I have elected to take the first one with four sides on the bottom part of the stand for a better stability. They will be painted in black with some surface grain.  Cost 163€ (approx 180us$). Not cheap, but this is what it takes. I should have them end of Septembre. Will post a picture by then.

pied Stand AR s1.jpg

pied Stand ARs1 (2).jpg

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