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Come to a Cookout Audio Party and Bring your AR-3a s !!!!!

Pete B

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The Connecticut Audio Society (CAS) is having their annual cookout and the Audio theme is

to listen to about 10 of the most popular vintage speakers.  We need a restored pair of AR-3a's

and if anyone has a pair in good restored working order and would like to show them off and

attend please message me - we would all appreciate it very much.

The event is on Saturday June 1 in Westport CT.

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They'd like you to bring your 3 's if you are still interested, bring a friend or two 

if you'd like.  We have excellent turnouts, I expect 30 to 40 people.  I'll PM you 

if you are interested.

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We had a turnout of about 40 people, we almost always have excellent turnouts.

I had a fairly bad coughing cold that day and only dropped off my speakers.

We welcome guests to any meeting and to sample in case you're interested in joining.

The dues are not much, IIRC $35 annually, and you certainly get more than enough

food for the price.  The cookout and Holiday party have great cooked meals, all the 

others are cold cuts but lunch is always served.  More info in case anyone is interested in joining:


We have one guy from upstate NY who might be willing to carpool.

Tom Fine who is the son of the husband and wife team that produced Mercury Living Presence 

recordings is a fairly new member and has been giving excellent presentations on the history

of recording.

We usually have a member presentation or reps from industry give presentations at meetings.

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