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Wall mounting Allison CD6


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More than necessary...the weight of the cube cannot be supported without the studs if freestanding is the goal.

A sheet rock wall is one of the hardest surfaces to accomplish what you’re after. Wood, brick etc. would be different.

 I had the same problem as you with Sheetrock and needing my 115’s similar in weight in a specific location.

I opted for wood support brackets from Home Depot. A combination of hollow wall anchors and hitting the studs in a few locations was more than enough to handle the load. 

 Hard to believe those things have been up there 18 years next month. 2 years ago the woofers came down for a total rebuild.



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On 9/28/2018 at 3:11 PM, rnathans00 said:

I actually *do* hang one of my CD-6 speakers, and not into studs. (The second sits on a convector.)




I use a pair of Z-Clips on the walls and speakers, secured into the wall using anchors. Note that the clips add 1/4" to 3/8" of depth, so it should be balanced out by rubber bumpers.




With minimal esthetic impact, you could run half or quarter inch wood strips laterally, (just long enough to catch the studs.) Painted to match the wall, the structural integrity would be tenfold.


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