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Capacitores for ar3 ?


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Anyone want to recommend capacitors for ar3? The more I read the more confused I become? I bought a set of polys- clarity's for the 6 and a set of Dayton's for the 24(2-12) but I'm wondering if that was really the way to go? Should I have just bought non polar electrolytic? That would seem to be closer to what's in there? I want to stay as original as possible. Thoughts? Thanks

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Dayton (their 5% model, don't waste the extra money on the 1% "versions", trust me) and or the standard Solens 

I have used both in ARs and both have yielded superlative results (and lots of positive comments, not about or from "cap people" but people just saying "wow" about how good the systems sounded)

I say that about the Daytons because I measured a large clutch of them, in a multitude of values, and the accuracy factor on the 5% versions was just as good as with the 1%ers and they cost considerably less

I also (personal preference) by-pass all polypropylenes with a .01uF film and foil type but that's up to you, it's not a requisite

Both caps are VERY good quality wise - but the very best sounding pair of ARs I ever refreshed did get the Solens treatment (the caps themselves or just coincidence, who knows?)

You can't go wrong with either one - for the past 10 years all I've used for crossovers has been the Daytons and I've not been disappointed with the results on any pair I've done

Ranging the gamut from dead drivers to just being way off spec (or open)

Don't fall for the boutique crap and waste a lot of money whatever you choose



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