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AR3a and AR2ax tweeter rebuilds


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Hello all, I'm  offering another round of this rerebuild service if anyone is interested.  I can fix dented domes during the rebuild,  standard procedure is to replace the foam dampener behind the dome,  and build a replacement former and voice coil, then resuspend and seal the assembly. 

 This will repair dead tweeters, low output tweeters, and convert to a 2ax to 3a and vice versa if needed. I charge $70 each. 

Picture shows rebuilt on the right, original on the left. 




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On 4/15/2018 at 1:50 AM, philip Salisbury said:


What would you sell the kit for?

I have rebuilt speakers for 50 years.

I am in need of a kit for LST/2 hf unit.


There wouldn't be a kit since I reuse the original dome, plus the processes used to reinstall the coil assembly wouldn't lend itself to kit form. I can rebuild your LST2 tweeter if that is your end goal.


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