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  1. Hi everyone i have 2 pairs of dynacoA25's One pair is missing capacitors completely one pair was redone by a tech but i turned the click nob too far on the back and it disconnected it somehow, Also have a single loan dynaco speaker of both seas and scan and speak version. I looked inside and one pair someone replaced the original caps with resistors, not sure why. Hard to find a tech in Chicago that appreciates somewhat original restores. Would also be cool to find someone in the area into the same hobby. Feel free to comment even if your not in Chicagoland area. Cheers
  2. Hi had not played my dynaco A25s in a while bit with no neighbor downstairs had some fun, they sounded fine everything working normally, then I mistakenly decided switch the high selector on the back of the right speaker assuming it was at norm. Assuming wrong I exerted too much pressure on it and went past the top mark or something slipped inside that was not right and I lost the highs right away , Freaking out a little I tried desperately to get it to go back to the 5 spot lock and felt jammed , After some effort I got it to go back to the 5 locking spots but the highs never came back, no response at all . Any ideas ?
  3. Well I originally went to get dynacoA5s repaired took one speaker in the one that didn't work he repaired it but remounted the woofer with new screws so I bought in the other one so they would match, He ended up talking me into redoing the capacitor and the wiring. I'm kinda regretting this to spite the fact I hear more range in the highs and the highs are cleaner. the speakers don't seem to output as much bass even though they handle the contour button on the pre amp better, a button I didn't use before. They used to just ask for more power and sounded great loud now they just sound too loud when loud. He doubled the negative on the woofer and changed the wiring from the tweeters to a silver very thin gauge wire. the orginal cap testing out at about 5.5uf was replaced with a clarity cap 5uf. I'm afraid to open them up or should I be ? I have another pair but they have no cap in them at all everything else is original on them. I'm stumped and Im not a tech I'm afraid to try anything with either pair yet I'm rather unhappy with the sound result of the rehab, I Keep thinking the doubling of the negative on the woofer , how would I find that part and return that part to normal? What gauge and type of wire would you use on the tweeters if you were going to replace them ? Anyone in Chicago I can correspond with ? It's kind of a lonely hobby
  4. I think after evaluating these rehabbed dynaco's i would like to open them up and reverse the double the negative wiring he did on the woofer. Perhaps swap out different capacitors as well, I've noticed some improvements and some things i don't like as well. Does anyone know the gauge for the original wires inside the dynaco A25's. ? Also if i redo them what capacitor would you recommend ? i found another pair of A25s at a resale shop the caps are bulging need replacing wondering what cap you recommend ?
  5. Just curious, i recently got a bunch of glue and excess old wires off the solder point for my tweeters on my dynaco A25's . I noticed some of the same problems on left channel as well but not sound wise just had some glue and excess wire from old wires at solder point. Why did the sound improve so much after i did this ? Was it the excess old wire at solder point or the glue ? when soldering in tweeters is it best to have wire wrapped around post before soldering or just solder it in ? I forgot weather red (hot side) of tweeter was put in on left to right or right to left, does this subtlety matter ? If i decide to do this in future too a different pair how dangerous is it ? as far as risking the speakers quality ? or is a solder point a solder point ? Whats a good way to test tweeters ? thanks so much guys
  6. Looking again i realized i went to the classic ones below, the ones you have posted like dan says are not originals, tweeters are not same drivers are most likely replacements, i would recommend the original, and maybe a cap replacement, usually all they need, you can get fancier and rewire then as well, but the original components on the original A25's i would guess are much better. i see some other classic ones on ebay , some look like they have been rehabbed some don't if you care about sound and willing to replace capacitor if needed, get the originals, just my opinion.
  7. Wow thanks for sharing this never seen a pair of dynaco's like those.
  8. I posted a few months ago with some problems i had with a rehabbed pair of dynaco A25s wich got a new clarity capacitor and new wiring, For so long one side sounded better then other after rehab, it was slight and seemed to effect the way the highs layed over the bass on one side. Finally fed up i open them up to find glue and excess wire from old tweeter hanging off the solder point of the tweeter on the side that seemed weak, Cleaning up the glue and connection i re solder it . Put them back on and pray and bingo it fixed the weak side, Now the bass seems tighter and deeper the highs are perfectly even from right to left the highs are cleaner and more detailed, I'm really loving this sweet sound, also really blown away that's what was holding them back. I'm in bliss, They gain faster on volume then before the rehab but the improvements are so great it was well worth it, super happy about it
  9. dynaco A25s are my favorite speakers They may need a capacitor but usually don't break down easy, My personal favorite
  10. I agree, my friend has a very expensive newer set up with bw speakers that must weigh 70 lbs a piece, the sound is detailed but not warm and a little overdone in the highs, I like my A25s more amazingly my system is not worth nearly as much money. Also it seems quality is some what lost on format, people seem to care less about sound quality because it's more about how many mp3's can be put on your phone. Have not seen a company that is willing to give the same quality components as yesteryear, seems to be more about marketing and engineering rather then both engineering and good components
  11. someone recommended dyton of solen mdf are they also duller then the clarity cap ?
  12. I think your right, in some ways they sound very nice they get loud a little fast for me but they are catching more tones. it's hard to make a overall judgement on them sometimes they blow my mind other times they just sound too bright . I'm also curious i guess. Now they are brighter and they have more range. Before the rehab they sounded like they could be turned up a lot more little less clean but very good high to low relationship almost as if a tiny amount of mids were making it to the highs. Before the rehab the highs sounded more broad spectrum and less piercing allowing you to turn them up a lot more. The bass seems tight after the rehab at times so tight i wonder if its too much for the box, but usually its very refined in bass not as draw sounding more punchy sounding. The cap before was the original cap dynaco put in it , he had told me it was out of tolerance and read around 7 uf due to wear. he replaced it with a 5uf clarity cap. Not sure the difference between NPE and Film Caps. I like your suggestion of trying a different capacitor because it would be a lot easier to change back. Whats the difference in in sound between film and NPE ? and whats the difference in sound between 5 uf and 7 uf ? Would a 7uf be brighter or duller then a 5 uf ? Thanks so much for all the advice
  13. I wanted to change it back to see if it would sound more like they did before the rehab. They sound fantastic in some ways, other times they sound a little bright like they need the subwoofers help when they never did before. other times i get the feeling the bass is ok just super tight. The gain was effected more then anythingelse. I've called him a number of times i could call again but i hate to bother him, he does good work im just a little weird about it because iv gone through a lot of speakers i didn't like at all. I took a look inside to see i forget if tweeter wire was silver but it was super thin wire with a cotton outside instead of plastic. He compared it to working on a car he said the tweeters don't need the thicker wire and he doubled the negative on the woofer, i assume that means double gauge on one side of the woofer im not sure but, kinda want it back to original to hear for myself. Do you think what i said would have a dramatic effect ? or is it more the capacitor ? And yes i need an audiophile friend tech
  14. craig

    dynaco A25's

    hey kirk if your in the chicago area i could use some help, i'v had these back a while now and i have a feeling it's the way he redid the wiring but im not sure, there was never a 7uf cap he said the original was leaking to almost a 7uf , he replaced it with a 5 uf cap, the bass seems tighter and the highs seem good but it just lacks synergy like it used to, i think i want to go back to orginal set up for wiring, the bass seems almost too tight and strong for the box then gets to bright when turned up, they didn't used to be like that.
  15. Hi recently had my dynaco A25's rehabbed he double the negative on the woofer and used some weird thin exotic tweeter wire for the tweeters as well as replacing the cap with a clarity brand cap. I'm just wondering what gauge wire they came with stock, I think i want to change it back to original wire set up. Would that be hard ? thanks guys
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