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  1. I have a pair of Dynaco A25 loudspeakers that I use with an old Marantz 2230 receiver . Love the mellow sound this combo produces . It's music to my ears . Recently I passed up a pair of Dynaco A25 XL loudspeakers at the pawn shop . Went back to purchase them and they were sold . Now I'm wondering if I let a great pair of speakers pass me by . Has anyone ever done a listening comparison between the two speakers ? Mine has alnico drivers , the XL I believe has ceramic magnets . Is there a difference between the sound of the alnico speakers and the ceramic versions ? Comments appreciated .
  2. Can someone please list the AR speakers that used alnico magnets in their drivers . Lately I've been listening to a pair of AR3 loudspeakers and I really like their tonal color . I would like to purchase a pair of old AR alnico driver loudspeakers . Anyone knowledgeable about these older AR alnico speakers please list them . This would be a great help when looking for a pair . Thanks ! P.S. include other box type vintage loudspeakers from other manufacturers that use these type magnets . Some people say there's no difference in the sound of alnico and ceramic magnets . This might be true but I like what I'm hearing from these old AR3's .
  3. The AR-303 is the newer version of the AR-3a yet the older speaker has a cult like following . The newer speaker seems to be popular also . You rarely see them for sale . I have a pair of AR-303's but I've never heard the older 3a's . Julian Hirsch once did a comparison of these two speakers and the 303 measured better in every way . From the tenoir of the original review it seem like he even preferred the sound of the 303's over the 3a's . Am I missing something here ? What's so special about the 3a's ? If this speaker is better than the 303's maybe I should be searching out a pair . Your comments will be greatly appreciated on this AR-303 and 3a issue . Thanks !
  4. What are the opinions on phase/time coherence in loudspeakers here ? There are some companies praising the benefits of a time coherent speaker over a non time/coherent design . I've never heard such a speaker and was wondering if this is really such a big deal in loudspeakers . Any opinions on the subject would be appreciated . Thanks !
  5. Is anyone getting great imaging from their AR-303 speakers ? If so what is your space between each speaker in feet ? What's the ideal placement for the best inroom imaging . My room is sort of small for the speakers ( three feet between the speakers ) is definitely not doing the imaging thing .Room size is 11x13 feet and crowded . Will move system to a larger room soon (15x24 feet ). I've heard that these speakers need a larger room than the monitor type speakers . Any info will be appreciated . Thanks for posting !
  6. I have a few questions concerning the AR-303 loudspeakers . #1. Is it worth the effort to upgrade the crossover parts in this speaker ? Is there an audible difference ( stock vs upgrade )? # 2. I took a look at the crossover network in my speakers . Does anyone know the exact values of the various crossover parts for this speaker ? If so please list them . I realize this is asking much but info will be greatly appreciated . Thanks !
  7. Which AR loudspeakers had the best imaging and coherence ? Also can someone comment on AR's view about stereo imaging in their speakers . How does one get great in-room imaging from AR loudspeakers ? I have a pair of AR-303 that I'd like to use for serious listening . Your thoughts appreciated . Thanks !
  8. I'am looking forward to hearing from Mr.Tyson on this subject !
  9. Just curious as to what type plywood these classic AR speakers are built from ? Is there a reason why AR used plywood to build their cabinets as opposed to fiber board ? Can this type plywood be found today ? One more question . Plywood vs mdf , which is better to build acoustic suspension cabinets and why ? Thanks !
  10. thiptoman

    AL115 ???

    I've owned several pairs of Allison loudspeakers over the years. The AL-130,120 and 115 . All Allisons have solid-braced cabinets(quality speakers) .They image extremely well, you don't need to be in a hot spot to experience stereo with them . The Al-115 cost me $400 for the pair in 1990 . The AL-130 was the best ! Sorry I ever sold them . The AL series was a great speaker line . You can't go wrong with Allison loudspeakers .
  11. Is there an ideal room size that the AR-303's performs at its absolute best in ? I have no problem getting excellent sound from my AR-228's in the 13 ft wide x 15 ft length audio room. I find that the larger speaker is over whelming at times in the deep bass in this room. The overall sound is silky smooth but bass is definitely a problem here . If there is an ideal room size please offer suggestions .
  12. Ever since AR got away from making true acoustic suspension loudspeakers I haven't been back. Recently I saw several bookshelf speakers for sale by AR( Christy design ? ) at very cheap prices $89 -$160 pair. They are ported box loudspeakers. Has anybody here ever heard the new AR ported loudspeakers? Do they still have the neutrality of response of the classic speakers or is it a waste of time looking at these loudspeakers ?I can't tolerate spectacular sounding, bright treble and edgy mids in a speaker. I don't want to spend money and be sorry later.
  13. I've read several posts here that AR loudspeakers are used as studio monitors for mixing purposes. Can someone elaborate on what it is that makes one loudspeaker highly suitable as studio monitors and others not worth looking at. JBL has been making pro studio monitors for decades.(1) Is it really possible for speakers like the AR-2, 303, and other AR's to be as accurate as the JBL-lsr32's and other pro loudspeakers ? (2) Can a pair of AR loudspeakers really tell you everything you need to know when mixing ? Those users who are currently using AR loudspeakers as studio monitors please let me know of your experience with these speakers as monitors.Are they telling you the truth? I need a pair of studio monitors but if I can get by with a used pair of used AR speakers I will . I have a small home recording studio and cost is a major factor.
  14. thiptoman

    EPI 100's

    Thanks for your response Steve ! :-)
  15. Hey ! What happened to the AR 303. Is it not a great speaker from ARs' past or present? To my ears I think it betters the AR-3a.Just my opinion.
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