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  1. Single 3A listed for sale in a craigs post that I cannot figure out so I need expert eyeballs. I've been through lots of posts and, to me, things don't add up on the woofer. Looks like a stamped steel frame with foam surround. But color of the cone looks brown and it has a dampening ring. Serial # 3A 36840. I'm confused! Thanks, Pete
  2. Hi Vern, I have been looking as most here that need backing. I looked at that but the specs says 0.22., put a tape on it if you can. There is another I found but at a Lowe's. Both are across town for me and I haven't had time to look at either one. The sheet at Lowe's is ply so hopefully it is stacked correctly. If I get there I'll let you know what it's like. 1/4-in x 4-ft Pine Sanded Plywood in the Plywood & Sheathing department at Lowes.com PeteZ
  3. Hi Kent, I use 16 zipcord that has a key on one side but I might check on the speaker selector I use to make certain that is correct. That gets to be tangled mess, so back to the tangled mess. Good thought. Pete
  4. Hi Roy, Good to see your voice again. I have reduced the mid but just sounds muffled, mids mostly coming from the woofer. These mids are the one's you sent long past. Since that time you have been working on the old ones so I might should send them to you along with the tweets to see if they can be put to use again. Thats not going to help the woofer problem though. Surrounds don't appear to have tons of extra sealant so maybe there are other factors. Pete
  5. Hi Roy and Kent, Back to working on the AR-3's after a long time after having to attend other things. Now to work on the important stuff, speakers. I have reassembled them and found them very bright with little low end. Reinstalled stuffing with 28oz instead of 24oz and the push test was good. I have resisted messing the surrounds after reviewing tons of posts still reluctant to try anything before checking with the experts. I treated some KLH5's with your goop, Roy, that much improved them. Thanks to Kent and his very helpful posts and advice. I sold them and having regrets already. Is it possible these surrounds have stiffened so much that it prohibits movement? I thought I might lightly clean them with a solvent and apply the sealer but thought I would check further. I appreciate all thoughts. Pete
  6. This is not my posting but for anyone close to Akron, Ohio it might be worth checking out. Look good and @ $400 seems OK. Just saw it today. Acoustic research ar11 - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org)
  7. Happened to bump into this article looking for some info and found it to be interesting. Nice mention of the classicspeakerpages and the work done by the experts on preserving AR. The article is by Tom Mallin, who I am not familiar with but certainly has much better ears than I do. This subject is always controversial since we all hear differently, but I found it interesting. The 12 Most Significant Loudspeakers of All Time | What's Best Audio and Video Forum. The Best High End Audio Forum on the planet! (whatsbestforum.com) PeteZ
  8. I ordered a bunch from Jkent a short while ago. Well packed and timely shipped. I'm happy to have something that is closer to the original and is not terribly costly. Thanks Kent.
  9. Hi Mot, I used the first one, bleached, thinking it would darken in time like the other fabric used by AR. Luckily it did, but it took a few years. Looks great now. I haven't tried to tea stain any fabric. This was bright when purchased. PeteZ
  10. The fabric I've been using is a 100% linen with a 19 and 20 thread count. Starts very light but soon mellows down. Could be tea stained. I remember my first pr. of fives out of the box were very light so I left it as is. If you look at this online it does not show well. It is ILO41 at fabrics-store.com. PeteZ
  11. Hi Jkent, I'm tired of messing with these old pots so I was just wondering how huge is huge? I could order enough for 5 pr. of speakers. Hope there is enough interest for more orders. Thanks, PeteZ
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