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  1. Like Roy I've been experimenting with the same rebuilds in my Ar2ax, I used the same .05mh coil, also... I used the 8ohm version with a dcr of 6.2 ohms with my Fluke meter I then went ahead and added a series 6uf carli mylar to the 3.9uf to give me around 2.64uf In the tweeter capacitance...
  2. I bought these pair of AR3's from CSP member Minh out of New York 12 yrs ago,both pair still have all original drivers which are performing wonderful,just recently I had to replace the woofer in one cabinet and RoyC help me obtain a original replacement 3 months ago...thanks Roy .The crossovers in both cabinets have been totally replace using solen's for mid-range capacitor and Carli for the tweeter capacitor,both level controls were also replaced using the Lpad controls with also the Dayton 25 ohm 10 watt audio grade resistor across the mid-level control and tweeter-level control,These AR3's were made in 1968 and the mid-range .06mh coil was omitted from this production run as well as the crossover phase change with the mid & tweeter with respect to woofer polarity.The grille frames and new replacement saran were installed by the outstanding PDF document in which Jkent developed...thanks Jkent for that and the good tips he also provided.
  3. These domes are being purchased from a ebay seller zhzy5500 out of China... the seller is offering these domes in a 8 ohm and also 4 ohm version ..... (2) 4 ohm version @ $9.99 or (2) 8 ohm @ $6.99 see picture Attached this is the 8 ohm version which has a dcr of 6.0 ohms.. the 4 ohm version dcr is 4.4 ohms I have purchase some of theses domes and was going to send to Roy for tech evaluations but just haven't had time with my working schedules... BTW.. I'm not the seller on ebay trying to sell these @ that high ridiculous price also this same zhzy5500 seller sales on aliexpress.com under cn audio parts
  4. imho I think you better off to replace with new frames and saran maybe Kent has some extra saran left from original order, you can pm Kent for details also see Kents documentation on installing the AR3 grille attached. Replacing the AR3 Grille 4.pdf
  5. Roger ...Who's the vendor you used for those Foam surrounds? Nice job
  6. Beautiful work and I agree ar_pro i would have to leave the grills off also
  7. I think this might be what Kent was referrring to link http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=7288&hl=%2Bmellotone+%2Bdf7022#entry94264
  8. It Was the night before Christmas and all through the house Stood AR's So warm and TALL,may all your woofers sing low and all your tweets sing high,Merry Christmas to my fellow CSP Friends
  9. I have used these on my AR3,AR3a,AR5,AR2ax,
  10. I would have to agree with ra.ra ... also I never seen a AR speaker with what appears to me a driver what I call a full range "whizzer" cone in middle...i'm refering to the driver below the mid-dome driver
  11. Here's one I had on hand... which I found some where on net
  12. Try this to help translate http://itools.com/tool/google-translate-web-page-translator
  13. yes very impressive ,I think I'm starting to catch the AR9 bug guess I'll start my search to add yet another to my collection
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