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AR LST-2/AR-5/AR2ax original tweeters for sale


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I have for sale 8 x original 8 ohm tweeters that suit the above Acoustic Research models. Being still in their original packaging, these tweeters appear to have been never seen any action. The previous owner is not aware of these ever being used either and have been in storage for several decades.

Visually, they appear to be in excellent condition, with no apparent wear or damage.

When put across the DMM, most of the tweeters read between 5 and 7 ohms, with a couple between 3 and 5 ohms, with none showing infinite resistance. Please note, I have not tested these in a speaker, so I cannot guarantee that tweeters of such vintage may not have other internal problems, and for complete assurance I'd recommend getting chris1this1 or RoyC (both great guys on the AR pages) to rebuild or at least check them (this will be easier for US-based peeps).

I'm finding it hard to find pricing, so perhaps let me know if you are interested and we can work out a price. Obviously if you wish to take a larger amount off me we can factor that in.

I'm based in Sydney, Australia, so shipping may be horrible. Then again, I shipped 8 tweeters to New Jersey today and they cost a total of USD$90 only.

AR LST2_AR-5_AR2ax tweeter, rear.jpg

AR LST2_AR-5_AR2ax tweeters, rear.jpg

AR LST2_AR-5_AR2ax tweeter, rear 2.jpg

AR LST2_AR-5_AR2ax tweeters, rears.jpg

AR LST2_AR-5_AR2ax tweeters, fronts.jpg

AR LST2_AR-5_AR2ax tweeter, reading.jpg

AR LST2_AR-5_AR2ax tweeter, front 2.jpg

AR LST2_AR-5_AR2ax tweeter, front.jpg

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This is just my 2 cents of a guess.......if you look very closely to the 3 brown suspension blobs you'll see that there some deteriation and some loss of some of the suspension which could indicate possible degrade of output level and would require a rebuild to restore back the proper output levels... another guess would also like you are aware of most AR2ax/Ar5/AR-LST2 owners are either having there own tweeters rebuilt or choosing the HIVI replacement options not to mention shipping to the USA is rather exspensive if i had guess i would say shipping alone would be around $100us if someone purchased @ least 2 tweeters or more then the cost of the rebuild you be better off to use the HIVI new tweeters with crossover mods rather than buying your tweeters.

BTW ...Why not list them on Ebay with buy now option/make offer and widen your scope of lookers ? You might get better results.


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Hi Rjr,

Thanks very much for the feedback. All great points and well considered! I'm having 8 LST tweeters refurbed by Chris1This1 in New Jersey at the moment and he also said that these LST-2 tweeters I've been given will inevitably need restoration by him or someone like him. So yeah, I can understand that buying a tweeter, shipping it to the US, just to then spend money on restoring it would sound unrealistically expensive.

Shipping cost, not for your information, but for others who may be reading, was USD$110 for 8 tweeters from Aus to US. So yeah, maybe about USD$30-$35 for 2...

I'll definitely chuck them on ebay to see how they go there. I've also got 7 original AR3a/LST midranges and 1 original LST bass driver to find homes for!



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