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Model 26 system


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I am in the process of trying to replace my original system, the speakers of which were destroyed by our teenage son over 17 years ago. He wanted to mount...just the speakers...without the cabinets...in his van!

IT DID NOT WORK.  I found the splintered cabinets behind our garage.  I allowed him to live.  We still are on speaking terms, but never again about this subject.

This was in the days before I knew about eBay, so I just gave away the turntable and moved into the CD era.  Hated it.  Tolerated it.  

Made up for the loss with a cheap Radio Shack linear tracking turntable and a pair of god-aweful speakers.  

Recently I was able to acquire 2 pair of Model 24 speakers in pristine cosmetic  condition. One set works perfectly. One set I have to do a full test out.

Just won a Model 26 turntable from a gentleman whose uncle no longer plays vinyl and the unit has been living in a glass enclosed component cabinet fir the last 15 years or so.  I’m pretty sure I will have to clean and re-lubricate with new grease. I lke bacon, but not in my audio equipment.

I am still looking for the matching speakers, the long auto-changer spindle,(even though I never used the one on my original, I’d still like to have it).

At this point I have been having a lot of trouble locating the owners instruction booklet.  I have downloaded and printed out the Model 20, which is basically the same, but includes an AM/FM receiver in the turntable.

Can anyone provide me with one to download?  

Thank you.



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Hi Jeff and welcome to the CSP!

I'm a big Henry Kloss fan but there are KLH models I'm not familiar with. One reason is they seemed to make endless variations on one design and give it different model numbers. They also did the opposite: There are no fewer than FIVE different "Model Twenty-One" radios! Even your Model Twenty-Four speakers had at least 2 iterations, with different crossover designs.

So I googled a bit and found a previous thread about the Model Twenty-Six. In that thread, KLH expert Andy made this comment:

"Ill just add some model twenty six history......these speakers are from the phono only system (no radio)of 1968-70 and they're really the same as the models 22, 24 & also very close to the models 31 & 32. I've found them to be a tough little speaker with solid performance, sounding better then most other two way units having an 8 inch woofer. I thought the pair I had sounded as good as my AR 4x's."

Sorry I don't have a Model Twenty-Six manual for you but as you've discovered those KLH 3-piece systems are all basically the same. The Garrard changers were not great and I understand they're a dog to repair, so if you got a pristine one you're ahead of the game. Does the 26 have an Aux input? If so, a Model Eighteen tuner would be a cool addition.

Keep us posted and maybe post some photos.


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It has been a productive year. I have acquired and restored 3 KLH turntables. The Model 26, a Model 24 (with both AM and FM receivers), a Model 20. I matched up the 26 and 24 with Model 24 speakers. I’d still like to match up the 26 with 26 speakers, but, as you noted, they are basically identical. 

I’m working on replacement grilles for the Model 20 speakers, and I’ll have to refinish the cabinets, since they were used as plant stands in their former lives.

I have acquired manuals for bothectfe Model 20 and Model 24.

The one question I have for you now, because the bottom Masonite cover from the bottom of the Model 26 was missing, and my memory fails me, are there supposed to ventilation holes drilled anywhere?

I ask because, even though there is no reciever in this unit, it seems that the metal turntable deck gets fairly warm after a long session of listening. Also, I am getting an ‘aroma’ of either lubricant or wood stain. I actually think it is the stain.

Do you think I have anything to be concerned about?

Thanks for any info you can provide.


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I'm not sure but I have a "parts donor" I could check.

I don't know why some turntables had ventilated Masonite bottoms--there's little heat. AND keep in mind the Model Eleven "suitcase stereo" was totally enclosed.

Even though there's no tuner there IS an amplifier and that's where the warmth comes from.


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You are correct. I do not recall there being any ventilation on my original Model 26. And I know that the amp does produce some heat. I’m thinking it is the Minwax. It is just stain without polyurethane. I used it more as a cleaning agent because there just seemed to be cigarette residue or something on the wood on the front edge.

I just finished the restoration in February, and this is the longest sustained session I’ve had since then. I’ll just keep it up and see if it dissipates.


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Just thought I’d post some pictures of my 3 rescues, which are now all in good working order with matching speakers. 

I’ve been told that the AM/FM configuration on the Model 24 (middle photo) is unusual, but Kent explained that these sort of things happened quite frequently back in the old days!





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