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Welcome Florian

Having said "welcome," this may not be the best forum for these speakers, since most of us here are fans of classic New England speakers.

RAMSA is (was?) Panasonic's professional line. And although I've never even seen them I'm confident that they are very high quality. Back in the '80s I had a Technics SU-A4 preamp from their "R&B" (Recording & Broadcast) line and it was built like a tank! Not to be confused with the ubiquitous mid-fi Technics stuff (although even that is quite good). The Panasonic technician who checked out my preamp spoke very highly of RAMSA speakers.

Of course this is all hearsay. I did a Google search and found virtually nothing on these. What I did find was in various foreign languages. Looks like these towers are ported, with big horn tweeters and four (!) woofers. I'm guessing if you have a rock band and want to rock a big auditorium these would do it! But in your living room? Or reproducing subtle vocals, strings, etc. I dunno.

You'll have to weigh the costs and your interest to decide. As I said, I'm quite confident they are of high quality.


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Hi Kent,

thanks so much for your rich feedback on these speakers and sorry for dropping a japanese topic into an english speakers forum ; )

i also get the picture that RAMSA is a good line of products and as i am opening a pretty spacious restaurant  i figured it could be a nice touch having those towers for my favourite genre - jazz and soul. do you think these speakers are suitable for jazz?

i will use them in Bangkok where we also do have technicians who very inexpensivly refurbish speaker cases and membranes, so in case they have some issues i could easily repair them.

thanks again and best regards from Thailand!

cheers, florian

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Hi Florian

Not an English speaker forum--New England, as in USA ;) But others are certainly welcome!

My problem is I have no first-hand experience with these. I think you should look at the size and if at all possible audition them. But then again, we're talking background music and ambiance--not critical listening. If you think the physical size is OK and they will fit with the decor... maybe. With all those woofers and the horns on top they "look" more like disco speakers than jazz. I just don't know.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck with the restaurant! 

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