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I own various versions of winslows inverted dome tweeter.  Funny thing about all EPI and GENESIS PHYSICS speakers.its hard to say your listening to speakers.  They are all i listen to.  I am friends with winslow and huw powell.and ill contest.if you havent heard their speakers you havent heard speakers.  

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The Genesis II was my first serious loudspeaker. I still have it but drivers are in serious need of repair. I had a Genesis 6, which unfortunately was destroyed by UPS in shipping. I later moved on to Boston Acoustics and then B and W (Bowers and Wilkins.) I sometimes become nostalgic for my Genesis II and the New England sound of the 1960s and 1970s. I recently bought an NHT Super One 2.1, which aside from Hu Powell's offerings, is about the only speaker company left in that tradition. The company is based in California but their founder was an AR engineer. All of their speakers are acoustic suspension. Despite their location, they are by sound and tradition east coast and not west coast. I feel I have come full circle. Does anyone have any advice on the most economical wat to get my Genesis II back into working order?

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Genesis II s are great speakers!  Refoam and replace the crossover caps.

You might want to consider new tweeters if there is any sign of the ferro fluid hardening.

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