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  1. Neal K

    KLH 17 schematic?

    Hello everyone, I am looking at a pair of seventeen that look to be in good shape. It's great that the surrounds are cloth. They look inverted the way they are on the driver. My question is regarding the wiring to the filter. I've looked at it here and the one for the AR model six. They have 3 positions. It looks like in 2 of the positions the signal goes thru the 2 then the 8 mfd cap. I've never understood the thinking behind how it's wired. it looks like some of the signal goes thru both, and some goes thru just the 8. It's contouring thee top octave I guess. Can someone enlighten me because I'm going to grab them and replace the caps. No inductor the 10 inch rolls of after 1500. There is an 8 and one of those 2 in one job's. I'm thinking I probably will just listen and put in a single 10 mfd and possibly an L-pad. have to listen first. So what is the deal with the funny wiring? Thank's
  2. OK. duh. Right after I posted my comments, I scrolled down on the home page and holy cow batman. Duh. I really should get my facts straight. I mean where I said there should be more than just AR, KLH, and Advent. Genesis is right there! Duh. And thanks genek and RTally for the info about Villchur.
  3. Hi all, Is everyone making the most of the summer? That is, when it isn't raining! I was thinking recently about getting a new pair of speakers. That thought led to the next thought; there are many acoustic suspension speakers out there and some of them sound pretty good. I can share one example. In 1977 after much listening and comparing I bought a pair of genesis ll's. I am not sure if that is correct sp but you know the one, one inch inverted dome and eight inch mid/woofer with a ten inch passive radiator. I realize that this speaker is closer to a ported design, but the box is sealed. That is a great speaker for the money. it's probably a good speaker at any price. I kept those for over 20 years and two refoaming jobs. The firsst one was due to me agreeing to cat sit my kitty for my brother. Big mistake. Like most of you probably do I listen without the grills on. Yep you guessed it. The bloody cat used the eight inch and passive as claw sharpening tree. I freaked out when I was it. Long time ago, so long that it was refoamed with foam. and about 20 years later they started to crumble and tear like all foam surrounds do. But the point is, that speaker put put sound from approx 38 hz to 18 k. And with respectable dispersion and transient response. I got a lot of mileage out of them. Maybe it isn't just the designs but the time period most of the classic speakers were built in. You do not see cabinets built out of 3/4 inch or 7/16 MDF today. Not even close. A lot of what I see is quarter inch at best and foam sound control seems to be optional. But I know there are speakers out there the are made from well designed drivers, components and wood or extruded plastic. One that comes to mind is the guy up in NH, Huh Powell. I only know about him because he repairs and sells replacement drivers for Genesis, EPI, and a few others brands. He makes a eight inch two way sealed box with an aluminum inverted dome that is a pretty decent speaker and it's priced very reasonably. One last thought before I sign off. Edgar Villchur should have gotten a Nobel for inventing the acoustic suspension speaker and not patenting it. And all these great speakers were born. Well that's my 2 cent's Be well, enjoy the summer while it's here and listen to some good music.
  4. This sounds interesting. I think I would like to attend. I wonder if you guys could get some support from DIY shops like Parts Express or Madisound. I have bought speaker building supplies, crossover components and drivers from both. They are both great. I don't know if are rules about keeping this a non commercial sight or anything, however people do sell trade and swat things here. I would think it would make a lot of sense to at least approach them. who knows, just a thought. I have a "Frankenspeaker I made from a Yamaha NS series six and a half in a closed box and i really like it. it is actually my main listening pair at the moment. i just got lucky and my mod came out really well. I don't think I'll ever buy a reflex loaded box again. The low distortion and lack of "smear" you get with sealed boxes is a clear advantage. Although PMC makes a line of professional monitors that use transmission line loading and they are great, but that is another thing altogether. I bet PE would be willing to mention "Frankenfest" on their site if the right person asked. That would certainly get some people interested. Just a thought.
  5. isn't Huh still selling kits and parts through his HUMAN speakers web site? I owned a pair of the Genesis two's.
  6. You are not kidding, I have a friend who is sort of an expert at finding discarded equipment. Right next door to Cambridge is what we used to call a student ghetto called Allston /Brighton. I say used to because there are fewer and fewer "Affordable" apartments in the metro Boston area. But Allston is the name of the neighborhood where HBS is. My friend Blaine goes out on runs during what he calls "Allston Christmas". It's late august/early Sept. That's when the standard Boston lease is up on August 31st. you find furniture, luggage, electronic equipment, and speakers! Because sometimes it's more practical for them to discard stuff and just buy it again than paying huge shipping costs and the logistical nightmare of relocating. Blaine is the night person at the music complex. That means when someone leaves, or or has to leave due to unpaid rent, he is usually the first in line to inherit gear that has been left behind. Between Allston Christmas and the complex we get our hands on a good deal of stuff...like my AR 8bx pair.....
  7. Right next door in the Allston section of Brighton there is a rehearsal studio called the music complex. They rent out rehearsal space for drummers and bands. I know a lot of the guys there, in fact this is whee the 8bx pair came from. I've found all kinds of equipment that either got left behind or discarded. You would be surprised how often you find speakers. I have a pair of Yamaha 12" 2 ways that were just left there. I have them on ebay. Yamaha made a speaker that was intended for studio monitoring called the NS 1000. The NS stood for natural sound. It id a sealed cab with I believe a 10" woofer, and get this: berillium dome midrange and tweeter. I heard a pair once when I was at Berklee college of music and I remember being quite impressed.
  8. HI, I have the same speakers. The tweeter is 8 ohms. The crossover is: LF=a 0.46 iron core inductor in series. HF= a 3 ohm resistor followed by a 3 uf cap in series 0.20 iron core inductor paralell. So it is one pole on the woofer and a 2 pole on the tweeter with a 3 ohm padding resistor. I put in a Yamaha version of the Audax TW10 myilar "Balanced drive" tweeter and it works and sounds great. you can find the part at Madisound.com.
  9. Hi ra.ra, thanks for the useful info. Right the pictured driver is the one that was in my 8bx pair originally. They belonged to a friend of mine. The guy had a party and he let someone turn up a Yamaha receiver that was powering them all the way. Probably threw out an A.C> voltage. They just fried and probably melted the VC. I had a pair of extra tweets and just put them in. It sounds very good. The x-over does have a 3 uf capacitor, and also a .20 mH iron core inductor in parallel. The LF has a single iron core 0.46 in series. There is a 3 ohm resistor and these components are mounted on a small PC board behind the connector. All right i am going to see if the pictured tweet is still available. i'll grab it, and put it in one of them then i will A - B the two. I think that if you can cross over somewhere below 2000 hz it's might have better phase/tracking. A lot of AR and KLH variously have crossover points at 1200, 1400, 1800. and many of them use a simple one pole filter! It's a testament to how well some of the drivers are built that they can handle it and sound great. A lot of the drivers were designed to work together and have complimentary roll off curves. And herein lies one of the secrets as to why these AR and KLH sound so good and hold up. We'll see what happens. To be continued.....
  10. Neal K

    KLH17 Capacitors

    Hi EasyWriter. is that a typo or did you mean to say you see a 8 uF cap going to the woofer? The 8 uf cap goes to the tweeter, they all go to the tweeter, just with either a 3 ohm resistor, a 3 ohm and a 7.5 ohm, or no resistors. The two 2 uf caps just modify the highest range, The 8 uf cap is the main cap keeping lows out of the tweeter. look at the schematic again.
  11. Hi, thanks for the welcome ra.ra. SO I had been to Classic speaker pages looking for info and crossover schematics. I did find the schematic for the 8bx. The tw in the pic, the one with the model #, is it a paper cone, a mylar "balanced drive" I.E. the AudaX 10 mm, or a fabric dome? I think what I would like to do with this is to find a pair of the 1 1/4 paper cone HF used in a lot of the "Real" AR's" I think that is a good driver. It has good dispersion, transient response, and since I cannot hear much above 15 k anyway it will work for me. It';s just I am not crazy about looking for 30 -40 year old drivers. That's a lot of miles for a voice coil and I feel like paying for some on ebay is kind of a crap shoot. Is there anything today being made anywhere that is anything like that 1 1/4 paper cone? I know the 8bx isn't a "real" AR, it's just what I have at the moment. I am going to replace the mylar driver I threw in there. OK, this is what was on there. The screen resolution isn't great. I can't really tell if this is a cone or a dome or what and i don't remember. I should have kept it but i didn't because they were blown. I want to know just so I know my starting point. I am going to google the part # and see if I can find freq/imp chart for it.
  12. Hi, I just registered on this site. I got my hands on a pair of AR 8bx speakers a short while ago. The previous owner had blown the tweeters, and I replaced them with drivers that I took oput of Yamaha NS 526. These are the ubiquitous 10 mm mylar dome that Audax made and that have been copied and used on many many speakers. It acually sounds prettyu good and I didn't modify the x-over at all. It is a simple 2 pole on the tweeter with a 3 uf series and a .20 Mh parallel. The woofer just has a one pole with a series 0.46. iron core inductor. didn't keep the originals and I do not remember the model number. Does any have any information on this model speaker, and possibly know which tweeter was used in it? This is a 2 way 6 1/2 inch AR 8BX. the other question I have is i looked at the crossover and it uses what appears to be a decent quality electrolytic and 2 iron core inductors. Will it make any appreciable improvement if I rebuild it with a poly series cap and air cores? The speaker sounds fine and look fine. I enjoy building speakers and on the other hand I am practical. There are four components in the circuit when you count the single 3 ohm resistor on the tweeter.
  13. Hi guys I am new here. I have been restoring, modifying, or building speakers a few years now. I discovered PE and Madisound, which are both great. In looking for information on driver sand crossover schematics I have come across some of these "Boutique" crossover sites and threads. What substances are these guys on? They talk about the aural qualities of capacitors as though they were drivers! And the crazy prices of some of these "Audiophile" capacitors is kind of nutty. i wanted to post a question: does anybody here realize that these components BLOCK or FILTER frequencies. You are not supposed to hear them! Distortion I can understand. But given that the majority of serious professional speaker and monitor designers and makes use electrolytics, does this not suggest something? Are these threads just fronts for the designers, builders and marketers of these crazy priced components? I figure that has to be it. Or there are more delusional people in the world than I thought?
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