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Renewing the dampening ring on the AR3 woofer...


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The ring on the AR3 woofer has hardened over time and some are cracked they are so hard but they started life as soft rubber. I am not sure if this has any affect on the woofer but I have found a substance that brings that ring back to almost it's original softness. I have had this substance on my woofers now for about a year and have not had to reapply it and the rubber is still soft to the touch.

I accidently found this out as I have a Chevy SSR that has a hardtop convertible with rubber seals and also the rubber door seals. The SSR forum has recco'd this product to keep your rubber seals like new as replacements are rare to get. It has worked beautifully on those seals and has kept them new. I was using the product last year on the SSR and it hit me to try it on one of my woofers. Just takes a thin coat and I'll be damn if it hasn't resoftened that dampening ring.

Just an idea that I tried and worked for me and only has been tested by me so no experts here have tried for all I know and it may not even help audio wise at all....but it does keep it from turning to stone. Will get a picture on when I get a chance. Here is a video on it......called Sil-Glyde.....


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