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Mystery Speaker with Faber badge


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I have this little (10 x 7 x 7) pair of odd speakers. The badge only says "Faber". The tweeter appears to be a Peerless K010DT. I have yet to identify the woofer. As you can see in the pic of the woofer the only markings are MTI  45FR  MDF For MARTIN-TOUTANT INC.  Then where it's marked Japan 6138202. 4" woofer.

One of the woofers has issues and I'd like to find the replacement. It is not reproducing the lower frequency range. It's all upper frequency. I swapped the bad woofer with the good one and it does the same thing in the good woofers cabinet. The good woofer is fine in the bad woofers cabinet. Hope that made sense. So that rules out a crossover issue.

Anyway here's a pic of said speaker, tweeter and woofer. Has anyone seen similar speakers to these? Or heard of MTI?







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Those are some funky lookin speakers!

There are lots of 4" woofers available. Why not just buy a pair? Maybe something like these:




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