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Acquire and restore AR-94 ?


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Welcome to CSP beowulf!

There were a couple of speakers with the 94 model designation.I can think of the 94, 94S, 94Si, 94Sx.......

They are nice speakers, with an 8" woofer, identical 8" midbass and a ferrofluid filled tweeter. I'm not a fan of the "sock" but here is how I modified a pair of 94Si's:

Nice and solid, yes. But no rival for the 3a. If you want a speaker of this era (the 9 series) that is basically a floor-standing AR-3a, look for the AR-91. Here is some 9 series literature: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/ar-9_series_1978-1981/


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