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Using An AR-9 With only one woofer


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I have very limited space due to the configuration of the room in a house we just moved to.

There is not adequate space between the speakers for proper breathing room .

Was thinking about disconnecting the inboard woofers to accommodate the situation.

Is this even possible or advisable ?

I am using a pair of ADS L-810's at the moment but would like to use the 9's.


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The side woofers do well in less than ideal situations, not much different than a sub woofer.  Try it as-is and see what you get.  I occasionally use mine in a 12 x 12 room and it seems generally fine.

But, if you have tight quarters, the AR9 isn't necessarily the smallest speaker. B)  Know what I'm say'n?  The 810's would seem to be a better fit.

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