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Cizek Model 2 controls


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Hi Willy

I have the KA-1 and they don't have those controls. There is an article here http://cizekspeaker.weebly.com/cizek-ii.html  but it's in Italian.

Paolo is the Cizek expert, and he's Italian, so if he can't answer your question from experience amybe he can find the answer in the rticle.

The other control is marked "Q" and I do remember reading something about that. Probably the best thing is just to experiment and ess what sounds best.

btw, the Italian article shows a photo of the crossover and a schematic. The caps are those leaky Callins type black PVC jobs with red ends. Values are 10uF, 25uF and 52uF. Best thing is to replace them. You could use this for the 52: http://www.parts-express.com/50uf-100v-electrolytic-non-polarized-crossover-capacitor--027-354  This for the 25 http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dmpc-25-25uf-250v-polypropylene-capacitor--027-438  and this for the 10 http://www.parts-express.com/audyn-cap-q4-10uf-400v-mkp-metalized-polypropylene-foil-crossover-capacitor--027-118

or try Madisound. But I'd change the caps.


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