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Is there a KLH Model 8 Repair Source ???


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I have a very nice Model 8 with extension speaker accessory.  Recently, it has been receiving the same FM station all across the dial.  The selectivity is shot!  Is there a repair source out there that is willing to repair this vintage radio ???  Location is in North Texas.  Please call or e-mail:  don-bell@sw.rr.com  (940) 781-9567  Don Bell  (K5DBB)

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Welcome Don!

Funny you should ask.... My restoration guide for the KLH Model Eight is attached to Post #1 here: 


edit: this is odd. I tried to insert a link and half my message disappeared. Let's try again

If you are not into DIY I highly recommend Tim Schwartz, Bristol Electronics, Ho-Ho-Kus NJ (and yes, that is a real place). I take ALL my Model Eights (over 100 so far) to Tim after I do my recap and cosmetic work. He checks them out, aligns the FM and performs any repairs that I am not competent to perform, He is scrupulously honest, highly skilled, experienced with the Model Eight and also seems to enjoy the challenge of reviving these half-century old beauties. Well worth shipping the radio from TX to NJ (just send the receiver, not the speaker).

Tim is also a factory authorized repair center for McIntosh, NAD and some other respected hi-fi products. You can't go wrong with him. It's also possible that if you call him he may suggest a DIY fix such as replacing tubes but I don't know....

Let us know how you make out.


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