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Hi all,

Still trying out my Crown power amp on the number of AR's I have !

I am just watching a Mcintosh MC207 power amp at £1700.

The seller says it is in perfect condition.

Is this a good deal  and anything to watch out for?

Best regards,


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Hi Ronan,

I have no idea what the difference between the 2 models as I do not own any of them! 

The Crown XLS2502 is my first pro amp ever so can't really comment much at the moment because I have nothing to compare with.



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David -

The MC207 is a 7-channel home theater amplifier, so unless you need those other 5 channels for something...

Among the Mac amplifiers, the better solid-state choices utilize autoformer outputs, which is perhaps the reason they perform so well with difficult loads.

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Not a Crown owner (yet), but I've been looking at these lines of amps since they were lauded on this site a couple years ago. The XLS xx02 series is simply an update of the earlier XLS xx00 series, and the performance and physical specs on the product literature are fully identical between these two lines. The "2" series has an improved (IMO) and symmetrical front panel layout with a larger LCD display and other (unnecessary) optional glowing lights. This newer series also has some additional programmable options (sensitivity, security, sleep function, etc.), but I would fully expect no performance difference regarding sound reproduction unless this optional sensitivity feature is required for a particular set-up. 

Crown XLS amps.jpg

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