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I didn't know where to post this so this seems like a possible fit.

I'd like to Karma some NPE caps to a member needing them. I have no use for them as I went MKP Polypro.

I have as a Karma offering:

(2) Erse 150 uF 100V 5% +/- electrolytic caps


(2) Erse 200 uF 100V 5% +/- electrolytic caps.

Just tell me why you need them. First member with a good reason gets them.

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HI David,

If possible, I'd like to throw my name in the hat!  I have a pair of AR90's, that I originally bought brand new, directly from the factory (I was a Teledyne Division employee).  I haven't listened to them in years, as they've been in storage.  But, I'm finally getting them restored.  I've refoamed the woofers and LMR's.  Next, I need to clean up the cabinets and recap.  So, those Erse caps would work perfect on the woofers.

Thanks for the chance!   :)



P.S.  I've read the CSP Forum for years.  I just don't post too often, as I'm not an expert like most members.  I'd rather 'listen 'n learn'.


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