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Reviews of Advent/2 ?


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Hello all,

Does anyone have solid experience with the Advent/2?

I can find very little about them aside from a few negative comments, but I would have to think that there are some folks out there that have real experience using them.

I ask as I may have a line on a pair that need re-foamed and I wonder if they have the Kloss DNA of the rest of the Advent line-up and would be a worthy addition to my Smaller Advents. Thanks in advance!

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Audiokarma has an Advent reference thread that isn't especially kind
to the /2. Doesn't appear they rise to the level of the ones you already
have. Apparently surrounds have to be cut by hand as there are
none pre-made. A lot would depend on the cost to you.

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Thanks for the reply! Yes, seen that thread, but precious else beyond that. Really hoping someone who has/had a set can offer up a comparo with the original "Smaller Advent". The pair of Advent/2 I have in mind at the junk store seemed decent enough in terms of grills, cabinets, but definitely would need a re-foam.

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Most negative comments on the /2, including the ones in the reference thread on AK, are based on hearsay and are not valid. "Audiophiles" just don't like them because of the two tweeters not facing the front - a big no, no in modern audiophile land.

I have never heard them so I can't comment on their sound but I have read threads in AK and other forums where users say they like the sound of them. I guess you would just have to find a pair to listen to or just take a chance which is OK if the price is right.

Rick Cobb or other suppliers may have surrounds for them.


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Thanks! It has been a few weeks since I seen them in the junk shop; cabinets looked OK, surrounds shot.

I didn't press the guy for a price at the time, but the more I thought about them, the more I figured I'd take a chance if he would sell at a decent price. We shall see.

I can't imagine Advent made much junk, so if they are affordable, I am hoping they will sound as nice as my Smaller Advents once repaired. I should see them again possibly next weekend and will know.

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This from a reply of mine to JKent back in April 2011:


On 4/10/2011 at 0:38 PM, JKent said:


Never had these but from what I've read the woofers are good but an odd size. The crossovers are unimpressive and the tweeter array is well-intentioned but misses the mark.



For some reason, the Advent 2 gets a very bad rap so many years after the fact. I don't know why.

I remember when they were introduced, Andy Petite (he hadn't changed his last name back to Kotsatos yet) of Advent presented them to the BAS. I remember the meeting write-up humorously noting that the system resonance was 58 Hz and the price was $58 ea, or "....$1 per Hz."

The dual/angled tweeter array was the first--and only--multi-tweeter design ever done by Andy Kotsatos. The speaker is historically notable for that reason alone. Andy described in great detail how he manually positioned the tweeters with modeling clay in several different orientations, then took measurements and did exhaustive listening tests at normal listening positions. In this way, he was able to come up with a tweeter arrangement that had virtually no destructive interference/cancellation in actual use, from normal listener positions, even fairly close up. He did his homework, and he did it right. I don't know why it would be characterized as "...well-intentioned, but misses the mark."

Andy had a very definite idea about voicing, and all the Advents of that era had his 'sound.' It entirely possible, of course, to simply not particularly care for Andy's voicing choice, but the actual, technical performance of that tweeter array is quite good. Whether its output has the response shape and level one finds agreeable is a different matter altogether.

Another interesting tidbit--he used Onkyo tweeters, because he found their raw FR and PH to be pretty good. I've spoken to him later on [I worked at Boston Acoustics with Andy for 11 years as the Senior Home Audio Product Development Manager], and he actually had approached AR about letting Advent manufacture their 1 1/4" cone tweeter under license, but nothing ever came of that.

Steve F.

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