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AR Replacement Tweeters


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In digging through my Olde Stuffe, I came across two brand-new-in-the-box AR replacement tweeters. The outside of the box says:

P/N 200005 1 1/4" HIGHRANGE

I opened one box and the device has a label on the magnet:


There's a plastic cover taped over the cone (which looks intact) and a strip of gasket material.

What speaker are these intended for?

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I think Joe may be confusing this with the 2-1/2" tweeter used in the 4x, but David is correct that this p/n XXX005 tweeter was found in the "newer" early 70's small two-way models as he has already noted. I believe this particular part number may be the very first iteration of this very successful tweeter, which experienced several design tweaks (and p/n revisions) through its evolution and found its way into several other AR models (AR-8, 17, 18, MST, 93, 94, 18B, 28B........).

The 005 tweeter (on the left in attached pic) is characterized by a smaller magnet (2-1/8" dia.) and the straight lead wires, and was produced for either front or rear wiring. The magnet size in later versions is closer to 2-5/8" diameter, and the final ones had the curved lead wires which I assume allowed for greater cone movement. Also, the amount of ferro-fluid may have varied as it evolved.


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