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KLH 23's


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Hi guys!

just thought id post a few picks of my KLH 23's, i saw they on ebay and after some good advice from a friend i made an offer which was accepted £55.

i love the bass on these speakers and apparently their are rather rare over here in the UK. I've resealed the woofer surrounds and replaced the caps and boy are they good. i seem to be drawn to the classic American speakers and the sound they give out.

Next on the list is a pair of AR 5's



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Welcome Jamie!

The Model Twenty-Three is a very nice speaker. They were highly recommended by CSP member and KLH expert Andrew Hayden. And that price is a great bargain! (about $82 USD)

You mentioned the AR-5, which is another great speaker but also watch for the KLH Model Five--one of my own personal favorites.

What did you use on the surrounds?

Doing any cosmetic refurb?

Keep us posted,


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I used the sealer from the AR store on ebay.they took 2 coats.

I'm just enjoying them at the moment but I might restore the cabinets at a later date.

Good! That's the only sealer to use! It was developed by CSP member RoyC, based on the original formula. It's sold by "Vintage AR" on ebay.



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ive wanted to get the klh 23's up to the right height for a while so i made these at work today,not sure on what colour yet,maybe white,
they are a big speaker so i wanted to make them look planted,and the weight of the stands certainly does that.
excuse the lack of carpet,that's my next job lol.



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