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New Large Advent restoration nearly complete


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It's been a bit of an adventure but music is coming out of my Advents again. My 23 year old doesn't remember ever seeing them but they are alive and as good, or better than new. I had originally bought the speakers in 1980. The vinyl of the utility cabinets is in a very good condition and that boosted my enthusiasm to get the speakers back into our living room.

Some reading online lead me to contact Carl Richard who was my source for the crossover components, grille cloth, and some guidance.

Thanks Carl! I'm declaring the modifications a success.

Besides refoaming the woofers I renewed the crossovers, added mahogany baffle-to-back braces, and replaced the foam rubber dampening material with fiberglass insulation.

Other components are on the wishlist but for now an older 100 watt Denon receiver and a "HomeSpot" Bluetooth adapter are providing the power / connection to the music on digital devices.

There's certainly an emotional factor in play when we are impressed by something we're listening to, but when I have chills and my scalp is tingling, I'm declaring the restoration a success!

I need to change the grille cloth and my last two concerns are fusing the speakers and possibly adding rubber feet.


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