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AR Stands


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So, i have seen images of some of the speaker stands that AR sold. There is also the base that is shown in the library ad. I have AR-3's and 2ax's and am currently configuring my music lounge. (photos to come later). Are there particular model stand(s) that were the ones that paired up with those models of speakers? Any good photos available out there of them? Currently I have the 2ax on their side on top of a pair of Sansui SP-200's. I am kinda liking them on their side?

There is a pair of AR stands currently on the bay and the seller is asking $299! yikes!

If I can find enough images, I might fab a pair or two. (the images on that ebay listing are pretty good actually)


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What is shown as the "speaker base" at the bottom of the page in this early literature is what most people are referring to as original AR speaker supports. They are relatively simple assemblies but would take some decent woodworking skills to accurately re-create a pair, but I know that I have seen somewhere - - - either on this site or Audiokarma - - - where someone had very thoroughly built a set and provided detailed dimensions and step-by-step directions.

Like yourself, I prefer many of these speakers in a horizontal orientation.


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I made some AR speaker stands a few years ago. There not difficult to make.

The only thing I would do different if I were to make more(which I might) is to make the legs 1" sq instead of 1 1/2" sq. I'm pretty sure the original had 1" sq legs.

You can see them here...http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=6866&page=2 post number 36

and here's the dimensions I used......http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=7228&hl=%2Bar+%2Bspeaker+%2Bstands#entry92811 post number 7

Hope this helps you out if you decide to make some.


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So was it somebody on hee that picked up those original new in box AR speaker stands that just sold on EBay? Was watching to see what they would eventually go for. Wow!

I've followed that auction and indeed: wow!

The price is actually not so bad considering that a remake on eBay sells for more....

My AR5's came with original stand an it just look great.

I'm now looking for someone who can make them for my AR2xa's.

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