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T1000 vs T1000 Series II


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Can anyone explaing the differences between T1000 and T1000 Series II?

I don't see the Series II come up for sale very often. A set just appeared locally that is missing one woofer.

I'm wondering if it they use the same woofer as the T1000 and/or T1030.

Also wondering if they sound more like the T1000 or the T1030.

I have owned A60, T830, T930, T1030. And I've heard T1000 Series II, but only in a very poor listening space while driven w/ a low-end home theater reciever (not the pair listed for sale mentioned above).

Thanks for any info.

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I did the crossover design for the T1000 series 2 AND the T1030. (The original T1000 was done by BA co-founder Andy Kotsatos).

On much music material, there is not a DRAMATIC difference between the original T1000 and the Series 2. That's because it's hard to dramatically "improve" on a product that's very good to begin with. The drivers for both Original and Series Two are virtually the same (if not identical). The crossover frequencies are NOT "identical", but close (I don't know/remember the specific frequencies). Still, there is enough of a difference as to be audible on lots of pop/rock material (MY preferred genre) to warrant the new model designation Series 2.

The T1030 is a VERY different sounding speaker, especially in the "near field". They will "image" better with recordings that have a significant left/center/right channel mix-down (pop/rock/vocals). This assumes you are willing to take pains to position the speakers properly, then listen in the "near field". The 1030 crossover has a different topology compared to the T1000 because of it's different driver configuration (tweeter BELOW the midrange). It can also handle more "instantaneous peak" power before distorting (especially on high level "bass whacks").

Because of the different driver configuration between the T1000 (Series1 and 2) and the 1030, you cannot/should not swap crossovers.

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