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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Boston Acoustics fans. I a planning to use a combination of T830s series I, T930 Series II and T1000 Series I speakers plus modern SVS sub to build a multi-purpose 2.1 / 5.1 system. My plan is to use one T830 as the center speaker because it is the only one that fits under my screen. I would like your advice on whether to use use the T930 series II or T1000 series I for the front position to get achieve the best soundstage in 2.1 mode and the best blending with the center in 5.1 mode. Any other advice is welcome. Thanks!
  2. Two distinct designs, both from T830 pairs. Can anyone identify which is the older and newer designs? What are the sonic characteristics of each? I have A60 Series II, T830, T930, and T1030 pairs in various systems thru the house. And have built a custom C830 center channel from a donor T830 to fill out the home theater properly. It's a 20+ year love affair w/ this tweeter and acoustic suspension, and I learn something new about them every couple of years. Thanks.
  3. I recently acquired a T1030 set that has one blown tweeter. Does anyone know what other tweeters from the BA line will fit the T1030? Needs same: mounting holes, plate size and impedance. Maybe A70 Series II?? From pix on-line it seems to be the closest size and shape of mounting plate.
  4. Can anyone explaing the differences between T1000 and T1000 Series II? I don't see the Series II come up for sale very often. A set just appeared locally that is missing one woofer. I'm wondering if it they use the same woofer as the T1000 and/or T1030. Also wondering if they sound more like the T1000 or the T1030. I have owned A60, T830, T930, T1030. And I've heard T1000 Series II, but only in a very poor listening space while driven w/ a low-end home theater reciever (not the pair listed for sale mentioned above). Thanks for any info.
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