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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm selling my treasured Boston Acoustics T-1030 towers. I've listed them on craiglist for $2400. They have some cosmetic imperfections that you can see in the pictures, but all the drivers work, they were just refoamed in 2016, and overall I think they're in great condition! They sound incredible. I know these are rare, and I want them to go to a good home. I'm located in White Plains, NY, near the city. I'm willing to transport them to a certain extent. Shipping is not an option at this point. All the Best, Charlie
  2. Hi First of all, excuse my english, it's not my first language, i will try to do my best... This morning i will bring my 2 towers to a repair shop to fix the foam problem on the 4 woofer, i bought this pair of T1030 brand new in 1992, and since about the last 5 years i don't use them because of the foam problem, they sit in the basement in a corner of a room, and today it's the last day of that... lolllll As i read on the forum, the midrange look ok, the foam suspension don't look damaged and it's not sticky like the woofer on the T1030 or like a pair of HD7 i used for the rear channel on my surround system Denon AVR-810, i think i will need to repair the HD7 too... foam look intact, nothing look broken but when you touch it it's feel like glue on the foam. My question is: when i listen music in the good years of the speaker, in 1992 to 2009, i play music throught the amplifier of the Denon it's sounds good, but something missing... in 2004 i received a QSC1200 from a friend and when i plug the QSC1200 between the pre-amp out of the Denon and the T1030, it's sound so different, so "dynamic" and powerfull, i really like the sound... Is it dangerous for the T1030 to use a QSC1200, it's a 100 Watts/8 Ohms or 150 Watts/4 ohms per channel? The project... Finding a second pair of T1030 and a second QSC, and listening music and dvd of live show like Blue Man Group, RUSH, Genesis, Supertramp, that's the kind of music i like to listen, having 2 T1030 side by side will sound good, or they need a minimum of space between them thank you to answer my question and if you have any suggestion i will appreciate St├ęphane
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