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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm selling my treasured Boston Acoustics T-1030 towers. I've listed them on craiglist for $2400. They have some cosmetic imperfections that you can see in the pictures, but all the drivers work, they were just refoamed in 2016, and overall I think they're in great condition! They sound incredible. I know these are rare, and I want them to go to a good home. I'm located in White Plains, NY, near the city. I'm willing to transport them to a certain extent. Shipping is not an option at this point. All the Best, Charlie
  2. Hi First of all, excuse my english, it's not my first language, i will try to do my best... This morning i will bring my 2 towers to a repair shop to fix the foam problem on the 4 woofer, i bought this pair of T1030 brand new in 1992, and since about the last 5 years i don't use them because of the foam problem, they sit in the basement in a corner of a room, and today it's the last day of that... lolllll As i read on the forum, the midrange look ok, the foam suspension don't look damaged and it's not sticky like the woofer on the T1030 or like a pair of HD7 i used for the rear
  3. I played my first pair of Boston Acoustics T1030 rebuilds next to a B&W 802 Diamond pair. We used 500 watt McIntosh monoblocks in a beautiful "box within a box" custom home theater. Both sets have 6" midranges, 1" tweeters, dual 8" woofers, and identical sensitivity of 90dB SPL The Bostons held their own w/ what I would call "character differences" in the upper midrange. Others in the room called them "a little brighter" and "more forward". All agreed that they sounded really, really good. We listened to vinyl, cd's and blurays of various genres for about 4 hours. We started w/ th
  4. Does anyone have a scan of the January 1991 issue of Audio? It is reported to have a review of the T1030. I'd love to read it. Audio 1991 Volume 75 Issue 1 Thanks. Dan
  5. I recently acquired a T1030 set that has one blown tweeter. Does anyone know what other tweeters from the BA line will fit the T1030? Needs same: mounting holes, plate size and impedance. Maybe A70 Series II?? From pix on-line it seems to be the closest size and shape of mounting plate.
  6. Can anyone explaing the differences between T1000 and T1000 Series II? I don't see the Series II come up for sale very often. A set just appeared locally that is missing one woofer. I'm wondering if it they use the same woofer as the T1000 and/or T1030. Also wondering if they sound more like the T1000 or the T1030. I have owned A60, T830, T930, T1030. And I've heard T1000 Series II, but only in a very poor listening space while driven w/ a low-end home theater reciever (not the pair listed for sale mentioned above). Thanks for any info.
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