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KLH CL-3A specs and foam repair kit


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Hello, new here!!! I'm looking for some critical information. I recently purchased a really nice set of KLH CL-3A speakers for $2 a piece! The woofers need new foam. I cannot find a foam repair kit for these, can anyone help me. Also, I can't find any specs for these, there are no tags or labels on these except the info on the back of these at the hook up that just says KLH CL-3A, they are a "off white" color cabinet. Any good? I love KLH, I own a pair of PR-950S 4 ways which are my babies and a pair of KLH AV-55s so I'm hoping to add these after I refoam them, then I'll have a nice triple dose for my Sansui G-7700 to push :-D any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Welcome to the CSP!

Nice score on those speakers. They are a bit newer than what we usually discuss here--maybe from the 1970s Singer era. I really don't know. Which speaker in your group above is the CL-3a? The 3rd photo, with the tape on the woofer? Looks nice!

For surrounds, contact M-Sound: http://stores.ebay.com/M-Sound This is the email addres: msound@citlink.net

If he does not know offhand what foam you need for the CL-3A, you can go to his website to see what measurements you'll need to take: http://www.citlink.net/~msound/


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