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$50 AR-90 On Craigslist


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  • 2 weeks later...

Just wanted to thank AR_Pro for the sharp eyes on Craigslist, I do search, but not every day / week.

Emailed last week got no reply, emailed yesterday, got an instant reply (must have been the girlfriend), left work early and picked them up. (I live in Northern NJ, they were in Philly, very close to the college stadium my daughter used to run during high school (Penn Relays)).

Fellow & his girlfriend were moving, she said "they are not going to the new place", GAF (girlfriend acceptance factor) struck (good for me). Right now my WAF (wife acceptance factor) is on leave and my wife is giving me enough rope to hang myself.

Cabinets a little rough as noted, all drivers save one midrange (pushed in badly) look ok - will hook up tonight or tomorrow & see. I originally picked them up for spares, but... my younger (just post college) daughter immediately said, "dad, did you buy them for me?"

Right now I have both my long term LST's & "new" AR-9's in the same (large) room doing some compares, will have to find a way to get the 90's in there before the rope tightens around my neck.


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Excellent, Joe - I'm glad that it worked out.

Even if you don't wind up rebuilding the systems, all of the drivers other than the 10" woofers are identical to those in the AR-9, so you'll have quite a bit of insurance.

You know, you could have some serious fun replicating the MGC-1 "Magic Speaker" using the AR-9 & AR-90, and some off-the-shelf digital delays and amplification.

My guess is that those two systems in the right configuration could annihilate the old MGC-1.

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