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WTB Ohm Model E tweeters


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I was given a set of Ohm Model Es in excellent shape, but unfortunately they are missing the tweeters. Does anyone have a pair they'd like to sell?

This recent ebay posting has pics identical to my Es.


Also parts express offers an old school phenolic ring tweeter:


Would this one be an adequate replacement?



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that PE unit "looks" right but the originals are, I believe the Matsushita EAS-65PH31S. Matsushita is the parent company of Panasonic and Technics so you may find it listed as a Panasonic part.

Ohm is still in business, and you can get tweeters from them: http://www.ohmspeake...ID=528725431211

The replacement listed is for the "low tweeter" for $90/pair. They also have a "dome tweeter conversion" for $150/pr: "This upgrade replaces the cone tweeter for more extended treble and wider dispersion. The change in crossover is attached to the back of the tweeter; so, the conversion is simply removing the old and installing the new". That's a bit pricey, but you do need new tweeters, you can't just pop in any ol' tweets without modding the xo, and these are designed for your speakers. You got the Es for free, right? So $150 doesn't seem bad.

OR: The Ohm site lists the low tweeter as part #TWS. There is an ebay seller with a pair of Ohm L tweeters for $19.00/pair. Again, according to the Ohm site, the "low tweeter" in the L was part #TWS and I'm certain the Ohm L low tweeter is the the Matsushita EAS-65PH31S. $19/pr seems like a steal. Search ebay for "PAIR VINTAGE OHM TWEETERS 'ORIGINAL' MODEL L" Below is a photo of the back of the Ohm L tweeter. The L was a 3-way system so this was the "low tweeter". Note the the EAS-65PH31S marking.

They also sell a 3-way upgrade "This is kit to upgrade a pair of speakers with the 1" tweeters from the C3. It includes two tweeter,crossovers and wiring harness. You have to cut a hole in the front panel to add the additional tweeter." For $110.

You could try emailing to ask for advice: John Strohbeen -- OHM <ohmspeakers@aol.com> The trouble is he'll want to sell you the SBA "to make them survive CDs and DVDs". That's "only $190/pair with the return of your old chassis for recycling". I found him to be unhelpful in his attempt to sell me more stuff. YMMV.

Given the age of the speakers, you probably will have to refoam the woofers. John Strohbeen wanted to sell me new woofers and basically said I didn't know what I was doing when I told him I planned to refoam the woofers. Take that from whence it comes. You can get a nice refoam kit from MSound and do it yourself for under $30/pr. Or buy new woofers from Ohm for $65 each, or with the SBA for $95 each.



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A little late, but I may have been mistaken about the E tweeter being the same as the L. Just got a pair of Es at the thrift store and pulled the tweets. Here is a picture of the back. Different part number, made in Taiwan. But they do "look" like the Japanese ones and also like the PE phenolic ones you asked about. I have a pair of those in the parts box and may try swapping to see how they sound.

Stay tuned. I'll be replacing the xo caps, repairing grilles, refinishing the cabinets. Will document it in the Other Speakers section.



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Well, as it turns out I DON'T have those phenolic ring tweeters from PE but take a look at this thread: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=168830

Early Ohm E speakers had a phenolic ring tweet that looks just like the one from PE. Here is a photo of one http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=94740&d=1213220536

They were glued in place. Must something in the air in Brooklyn. My Rectilinear Mini IIIs had glued-in drivers.

Hope I didn't confuse things. My suggestion is to either get E tweets from ebay or try the phenolic ring tweets from PE.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.


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