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KLH model 5 recaps.


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Hello all,

My first time here. I just bougt a pair of model 5's and after reading about recaps the crossover that will make the speakers sing better :) I think I'm going to do it and this is my very first time but I have been working

in manufacture PC board building and remorking since 1987 so soldering should not be a problem with me :)

This morning I removed both of Xovers. What I have done so far before ordering parts:

I measured all the resistors and they are all fine except the R3 = 1.5, 0.5, 0.5 ohm. It changes when I turn the back switch. It's the same for both Xovers. According the drawing R3 should be 6 ohm so why it shows less? is it right or I have to replaced it?

My woofers are different in the back so which one is original woofer? one is square and another one is round.

I did deoxit both switches.






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Both the round and the square magnets were found on the Model 5 Woofers. I don't know where in production this change occured. Same with the crossovers. There are at least 2 different versions I know of. The ones shown look like niether I have seen. Very nice, BTW!

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Hi Vu and welcome

I agree with Carl. If you search here there is at least one long thread on recapping KLH Fives. I did a couple of them, with some help from Carl. "Normally" wire wound resistors don't go bad but KLH used 5 watt resistors and I have seen at least 2 case of failed/burned resistors in a Five and the similar Twelve.

The Mills resistors Carl used are very nice but you can also use plain sand cast, less expensive ones. Erseaudio has very good caps and inexpensive resistors. Another source is Parts Connexion--they have Axon caps 50% off.


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