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AR 1MS speakers. Miniature Yamaha NS10?


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During the process of installing new foam surrrounds to a pair of tired AR 1MS (Miniature Speaker), I relaced both Unicon (made in Japan) 5 and 8 uF bi-polar 50-volt capacitors.

A 5-uF/100v 5% STK MP 85(originally came from AR limited model 3 speaker crossover) is now in the tweeter high pass. A 8-uF/200v 10% Relcap PPMF is now in the woofer low pass.

I also noticed a few unique features about them:

1. They came with same serial number 8171 therefore probably sold in pairs.

2. On each of the egg-shell thin paper woofer cone there a slit just like that in Yamaha NS10.

They have a smooth, detailed and spacious sound. Actually I can listen to them loud and clear in my upstairs computer room while they are playing downstairs. It is pretty amazing considering they have only a 4-inch woofer and a ¾-inch dome tweeter!

My first pair of speakers purchased during my graduate school days were shoe-box sized Goodmans Maxim 1, also had a smallish woofer(equipped with a outsized 5 lbs magnet). There is a unique quality in high quality tiny speakers, possibility due to better transient response , seldom found in larger speakers. I am glad AR 1MS brings back the fond memory I had with Goodmans Maxim, which nowadays going for $ 500 plus on eBay




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I own two pair of these and had both of their original woofers re-foamed (one also needed a new voice coil).  The are fantastic little speakers and work well with a sub-woofer.  They certainly can’t fill a room but as small desktops they are excellent.  I’ve also had a pair of NS10s and they are in a listening area all to themselves.  The 1ms speakers are not that good, but a hell of a lot cheaper.

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Hi, I also own a pair of MS1 ARs, mine have the same serial number: 11975 and the woofer is slightly different from yours, the paper cone does not have the cut (this type of cut paper is the same as the midrange of the AR48s, I am attaching the photo).
The speakers in this case are all TNG made, your speakers are made in the USA, as you should see from the labels and written on the back on the magnets.
I also have the kit of original mounting brackets that allows horizontal or vertical positioning of the speakers, and it is also possible to use it as a car audio (the speakers are 4 ohm!).
My AR1MS are now used as a medium / high source to help AR2 woofers, to be used in this configuration I inserted a 20mF capacitor and excluded the 2 tweeters of AR2.
This combination sounds very good, I think I will have to add a resistor to attenuate the AR1MS by a couple of dbs to better harmonize them with the 8 ohm AR2 woofer.
A great project, I am attaching the link with AR2 + AR1MS below





AR1 7.jpg






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