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Pioneer CS-800A issues

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Got a pair of used Pioneer CS-88A (edit: not 800a) speakers but it has few issues.

1. Tweeter surrounds are rotted but do work.

2. Horn tweeters do not have any sound. Is there a good way to test them?

3. Mid drivers in one speaker do not work on "Increase" position but work on "Normal" and "Decrease" positions. I think I can fix that after cleaning or resoldering inside.

4. There are quite few water rings and marks on the top of the cabinets.

Can I use some stain over them without sanding to make them look good?

Thanks for suggestions.


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As you know, Pioneers are a bit outside our experience here but to answer some general questions:

Cabinets: you could try Howard Restor-a-Finish. It's been discussed elsewhere here. Comes in a lot of different shades. Wipe on with a cloth or--where the stains are--fine steel wool. The water stains probably won't come out (if they are black) but if you use Dark Walnut Howard's on the whole thing it will come out pretty nice. After that, use Watco Oil, boiled linseed oil or Minwax Antique oil (for a bit of sheen).

The cone tweets can be re-foamed with a kit from MSound or you could send them to either MSound or Millersound for a professional re-foam job. I sent some 3" drivers to Millersound a while back and was amazed how cheap it was for the refoam job--not worth doing it myself. DON'T play the speakers with rotted surrounds--you will damage the driver.

Re: Mids--sounds like dirty contacts on the switch. Use a little deoxit.

Don't know nuttin 'bout no horns. If there is a switch or pot it may need cleaning. You can disconnect the tweeter and run a music signal at LOW volume directly to the lugs to see if the horns play at all. It's possible these supertweeters reproduce such high frequencies you're just not hearing them in the full system. Try using a toilet paper tube or just a rolled up piece of cardboard and use it like a sthoscope to listen to just the tweeter.

Good luck


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Thanks for comments Kent.

Will open cabs and clean switches and test horn tweeters with a multimeter for ohm values.

These are good but not something I want to keep over other speakers I have.

These are good candidates for fleabay as they get quite good price there as it is with foam rots. :)

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Took the horn tweeters out and they both read 1.4 ohms or less...

Looks like they are fried.

Cleaning switches with DeOxit didn't fix the mid switch at increase position.

Since the horn tweeters are not working, I don't think it'll get good price on ebay.

I will have to part these out and sell individual drivers. :(

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