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My little Ar story


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I just thought I would join this group as I have been a fan (by chance) for the last 14 years. When I was 18 I spent $550 Au on a pair of Ar 91's knowing nothing about them, apart from they sounded great and nothing else that price in the shop (new speakers) sounded anywhere close to the ar's.

I got them home hooked them up to my $50 50w pioneer amp and was blown away! I turned up the volume and no sign of any trouble from the speakers. After a few months I realized that I needed a more powerful amp so had saved a bit more and bought a 70w Yamaha amp. This amp kept me going for 3 years (bear in mind it was set up in a bedroom no more than 2.5m by 3m until my 21st party when out came the ar's and amp it did not last the night.

My next amp was a Denon 80w amp (I still at this point had no idea of how hungry these speakers are), I had moved out of home into a small studio so again the sound was great. The Denon served me well for 2 more years until I moved into a full sized house and tried to turn up some volume. The Denon did not like it. I took the amp back to the shop and for some reason they fixed it under warranty. I had by this time realized I needed a fair bit more power so on a trip to Melbourne I picked up a 200w power amp took it home and plugged it in. Now my speakers were singing.

By this time I realized I had some really decent speakers and started searching the net. Once I found this site and found out about Ar's I started looking for more speakers with the weekly checking the papers and local internet classifieds. Postage to Perth would not be possible due to costs involved.

Anyway last weekend I found a pair of Ar12 45 min from home so I went and listened to them. The man had bought them new in 1981 for $600 and he wanted $350 for them now. The speakers had been serviced twice and the boxes were in a fair condition. Not cheap but I was happy with the price.

I got them home plugged them into the old Denon sat down with the wife and put on cd. I not sure of the correct terminology but they seam a lot brighter or accurate then the 91's and they sound amazing. And then U2's Miss Sarajevo come on they didn't quite sound like the 91's so I turned the 91's on and there was that big sound. So it seams I now have some 2 pairs of speakers that can do different jobs.

I have not had time to listen a great deal to both of them together but I am certain I will not be disappointed. I am now most defiantly on the look out for some 9's (my wife thinks I don't need them) I know that they exist in sleepy Perth.


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Hello from another AR fan from the US Midwest!

Sounds like You have an understanding wife! I have a pair of AR-10pi speakers and really like them. I had to really play some tricks so I could keep them in the living room serving as a video/tv sound with a run-of-the-mill Onkyo receiver for the time being. At least they get used. They sound really nice with a good CD as a source.

Some day when we have an empty nest and the kids are through college, I'll have a better set up for them.

I also have a pair of AR-2AX's that I recently redid with the help of the friendly folks here on this site. They are serving as my home office speakers.

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Welcome datsdat,

I have the same experience with my 91's when I compare them to my ar-8's or ar-14's.The 8's are very accurate but can sound thin or weak on some music,the 14's are some what richer sounding then the 8's but the 91's fill the room with sound.They are my prefered speakers for most music.I power mine with a hafler dh200 amp which is a good match for the power hungry 91's.

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What is it about women that do not like speakers in the living room. Especially when they are a restored piece of beautiful furnature like my ar 3a-s in the family room and my ar 4x in the living room.

The 3a's, or any of the early walnut and linen cabinets, are liked very much here. She loves them as long as they are restored and looking new.

AR-9 style, not so much (She says "too big, AND they're ugly" :-)).


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