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AR-4ax restored


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Hi Folks, I wanted to express my thanks for the advice here on restoring the AR-4ax. I picked up a pair not too long ago and decided to see if I couldn't fix these up, as my first (and hopefully not last) restore project. The links to the parts were nice to have. Well, long story short, it may not be pretty inside the cabs but they work and sound pretty nice, much improved for sure. I used the l-pads with the recommended 10-ohm resistors and new caps. The detail out of the tweeters now sound like they should, I imagine, the difference is night and day. My wife thinks they sound good, so that makes me happy for sure.

The only other question I have which I can't seem to find an answer for that seems satisfactory to me is what if anything to do about the cloth surrounds on the woofers. They look worn. It seems like they could use some treatment, but maybe it doesn't make any difference. Should I just leave them alone, or should I treat them, and if so with what?

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