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Restoring AR90


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Hello everybody,

I am restoring a couple of AR90 with many problems.

The tweeters and the midrange are original, the codes are 20028 and 20029.

The midwoofers 8" have code 200037 ... I think that they are not original. what series are they? has they technic paramaters equal to 200027?

What do you recommend?

Kind Regards From Italy


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I wonder how that woofer found its way into the AR-90s?

In the early 1990s, Acoustic Research was supplying a "factory replacement" lower midrange that had a paper cone, but with a much smaller dustcap than on the original 200027 driver.

In more recent times, AB Tech used an 8" poly-coned replacement.

I've heard both of these replacement drivers in the AR-9, and neither one sounds right.

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I'm Roberto, from Italy,

I decided to start write only now as I was out of my homeland for work

I will continue this topic because the discussion is the same..

3 years ago I saved two ar90 from the garbage, unfortunately the condition are very bad...

the cabinet need to be repainted, the two woofer and mid-woofer are lost in both speaker, and one midrange have the cone and surrounding cut in 4 parts...

While some midrange are available on ebay, more difficult is the situation for the woofers and mid-woofers..

I read some topics on the forum but I understood that even the abtech replacement are not the proper one...

My technical knowledge is not enough for take the right decision..

what you suggest me to do? I have to wait and found it on ebay? or what?

Any help will be appreciated , Thanks.

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